How To Avoid Overwhelm By Simplification And Appreciation

Wondering how to do less ever works for you?

Two Saturdays ago, I attended a meeting in Port Harcourt called IGNITE PH, convened by two gentlemen – Paul Confidence and Promise Excel. There, I listened to a man called Joshua Triumphant.

God bless their souls.

Joshua is a leadership management guru and that day he spoke about the myth of time management. I’d never heard about that concept till that day.

I went home and mulled over all he said, bringing my life under the pure laser of scrutiny.

I realised that essentialism has been my focus. I’m a man who doesn’t take on many physical possessions. I love empty space. Err, that’s why my sitting room’s seats are made of wrought iron so that I can see beneath them.

I’ve learnt to avoid overwhelm. Some days my work in my office is just to work on my manuscript. Some days, my job is to market my works. Some days, it’s to do sessions with clients. Some days, it’s to bring out a book, read, sleep, read, and sleep.

Cramming your day with lots can lead to overwhelm. You can’t eat 10 plates of food in one hour!

I’ve learnt to appreciate the places where I go and get my mojo revving, such as the IGNITE PH meetings.

I’ve also learnt to tap into the powers of appreciation. It’s spiritual, drawing more resources my way as I learn to appreciate the ones I have already.

Yesterday, I read Victor Ekpo Bassey‘s email and I found he had already gone ahead to implement an idea I had running around my head – selling subscriptions to his emails.

For days now I’ve been thinking of streamlining my emails to very serious folks who can pay for my thoughts on visibility, influence, tribal leadership, tools, and strategy.

So, I went back to Mailchimp that I had dumped and found out that I had sent 199 emails the time I was using that platform. Looking at them, sweet memories jumped at me. In addition, and most importantly, ideas for fleshing out my emails when I kick off appeared before me, begging to be used.

I’ve learnt to appreciate my perspectives to issues that may not receive mass appeal. Now, I don’t subject some of my radical ideas to the ratification of experts, so to say. That is not to say you don’t need humans or experts in your life. It simply means that there are some worth birthing that don’t need the approval of humans.

I’ve learnt to appreciate my failures – the product launches that didn’t go as planned, the seminars that did not reach out as intended, the clients who were disappointed at my coaching process, and ideas that died at infancy.

I’ve learnt to appreciate people who trust me for who I am and all I do. They’re giant believers and they provide the airs that I breathe when the pressures of performance feels like I’ve got polythene bag tied around my head.

Finally, I’ve learnt to appreciate YOU for being here and reading my blog!