I’ve been to Jos.

I’ve been to Abuja.

I’ve been to Aba.

….and few score more..

In those cities I met human beings, humans with a hunger, propelled by a desire to better their lives.

I see humans seeking to escape pains of losses. I see humans seeking to know the next step to take to avoid business failures. I see humans desiring to know which career path brought the best of results.

Just like the woman in whose gym parlour I’d sat many months ago.

She was at the brink of closure, her staff totally unmotivated, her profitability dwindling.

She was desperately in need of help.

So we sat. I rekindled hope, not just by motivation, but with a tool that gets results – strategy!

Forgive me for boring you ahead of time, but let me share with a few of those.

We devised an inclusive approach – recording the sessions on exercise, yoga, and all.

She began record the experiences of her clients while in session – on the treadmill, during a massage, and dance sessions. Those videos were to be shared ubiquitously.

We devised a means for clients to attract other clients and having a rebate on their signups. If a client brings 5 clients, can that translate to how many free sessions? They turn to ambassadors!

“How do you bring us a new client?” That’s a question we designed for clients. We didn’t end at dishing fliers, we got them to participate in the client attraction experience.

We devised means on how to get workers to become ambassadors of the brand. Training and setting up a detailed organisational culture was key.

We developed a few more, but let me stop here.

Let’s just say her gym is still open, a flood of clients walking through its doors.

For me, strategy is king if you’d succeed in your endeavour – career, life, and business.

Even the Bible (and many other religious books) is a book of strategy.

I want the same for you!

On Thursday, I want to sit with you and 24 others in a facility.

We’re going to ‘kiss’ and take selfies, but above all, I’ll be HELPING you elicit STRATEGIES that work in your life, business, and career.

We’ll engage our minds in a lockdown mode to crunch and embrace templates that work!

Now, you may be wondering what this will cost you, right?

Strategy sessions with me on a one-to-one basis is as from N35,000.

However, this is one of those sessions where I bring my A+ game, but connect with you for next to nothing.

Yes, next to nothing.

To be in attendance will cost you N4,000 only!

Yes, N4,000 only.

Venue : Plectrum Hub, 10 Omotayo Ojo Street, off Majekodunmi Street, (by Oshopey Plaza along Allen Avenue), Ikeja.

Date : Wednesday, 27th September, 2017

Time : 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

To secure a seat among the 25 persons, make a payment of N4,000 into GTBank, 0120774989, Profound Impacts International.

Send an email with proof of payment to emeka@emekanobis.com with heading “Lagos Scoops.”