Dear, thanks a lot for your interest in reading UNCHURCHED.

Let me do a few rambles.

I am a thought leader and writer. I help raise exceptional thought leaders who will help change societies and organizations. Thought leaders attack defeatist paradigms and help inculturate progressive patterns that lead to creating new and dynamic cultures.

Writing UNCHURCHED is an offshoot into the spiritual aspect of our lives. It is an ongoing project. In the discovery of truth, it will surely be overhauled. It was written with all intent to bless by empowering Christians and non-Christians to think dynamically and embrace worthy scriptural practices that will build our societies on the foundations of peace, love, unity and joy.

Every effort was made to sieve the book and make it free of errors – context, content, grammar, tenses and punctuations. However, just like fine grains of sand can escape the sieve into rice, I am responsible if you see an uncrossed t or a dotless i. Feel free to email me (my email is on the last page of the book) your findings and we will incorporate them.

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