Money Comes From Prospecting. Prospecting Is The Work Of Every Brand


Money? Hmmm, that’s a word that sends fear and shivers of excitement at the same time.

In 2003, I graduated from the Federal University of Technology.

In 2004, we convocated and by September that year I’d proceeded to serve my fatherland at Omagwa, one of the rural areas in Rivers State, Nigeria.

I’d affiliated myself with the Nigeria Christian Corpers Fellowship (NCCF) and it was during camping that I heard about Rural Rugged Crusades.

The stories shared by ex-corpers about how they’d braved unwholesome conditions, sometimes crossing murky waters on rickety boats, to reach villages and win souls for Christ intrigued me and I looked forward to the experience.

It came. Four months before I passed out, Rural Rugged came to Omagwa. Well, I was the head of the fellowship in my station and I’d mooted the idea for NCCF Rivers to hold it in Omagwa.

Oh, how we hunted for souls. We fasted for weeks. A week before the crusade, our members came to the village to pray and set the tone for the showdown.

A few native doctors were irritated by our presence and that made the prayer team intensify prayers against their onslaughts. Doctors amongst did free medical checks and medications were given.

Daily, we prayed far into the night at the central village square we used for the crusade. On some nights, rain fell, but we held hands and still prayed.


Looking back at those days, I can’t but marvel at what we did to win souls.

In my present path, I’ve been employing those skills.

Hunting for souls, a.k.a prospects, is the real deal.

Yes, your enterprise doesn’t exist to serve you. It exists to serve humanity – others.

To be able to do so, you’ve got to seek those it serves and serve them with offerings and get paid in return.

Seeking prospects should be a daily affair if you’ve got to make a meaning out of your works and build a formidable empire.

Where can these prospects be found? I’ll share a few today.

But before that, I want to let you in on two secrets.

To do so, you’ve got to speak the language of your prospects and quit talking about yourself all the time.

The language of prospects and clients is the language of results. Yes, prospects buy into what you offer when they have a perception of results or when they see results.

That’s why it’s dangerous to say you’re a millionaire and want to show others how to be one when you’ve not actually tasted making millions consistently. You may argue with this, but there’s a power that experiential posturing brings to your business.

Prospects don’t care the heck about you and all you are except when they see and believe that what you offer will help them get the transformation and results in their lives.


Alrighty, let’s get to it.

You can get prospects via your emailing list. Weekly, I send emails thrice to you and more than two thousand other people. All I do on Facebook and other social media channels is to get them to join my list so that I can reach them intimately.

Emailing people is a very intimate way of conversation that builds trust. In the month of April, I’ll dwell on that.

A simple way I use to get people in my emailing list is to offer something for free, what we call lead magnet in technical terms. Another way is to route them through my Facebook messenger bot when I give away the link on comments on posts and via fliers at my speaking engagements.


You can get prospects via social media. I’m active on Facebook daily. Over there, because of what I share on daily basis, I’ve become a magnet.

On social media, when you speak the language of prospects (addressing their pains and frustrations and problems), teaching them something valuable, they believe you can help them and they come inbox.

Do you know the sweet part? When you keep sharing things of value, people begin to spread word about you and all you do.

That triggers a process path – they hear about you, they yearn to have a session with you via phone or inbox chats, and then they want what you offer.

Cool, right? You bet!

You can get prospects at events. On the 25th of Jaunuary, I was invited to speak at STARTUPSOUTH BLOGGERS’ CONNECT.

It was designed to promote the development of South-South and South-East by encouraging high-growth startups by young people living within the regions.

I’m a blogger so I was made the keynote speaker at the event. Such events are veritable avenues to see prospects and I met a few as expected. I was interviewed by radio folks and the video of my session event will be promoted by me and others who were there. Talk about visibility, attraction, and winning.

Below is the clip showing my session at the event.


Every weekend and all around you, events will be popping up like hairs on human skin. Find the ones around your vicinity that align with your own vision and mission and attend them. While there, interact, connect with people and win prospects.


You can get prospects when you do JVs. JVs are Joint Ventures.

For my speech at the session yesterday, I was helped to formulate it by a young and dynamic man called Promise Excel, CEO of MaverickExcel. By next week, both of us shall do a JV where we exchange resources between our followers.

By doing so, an exposure occurs – he gets introduced to you and I get introduced to his own people. That way, magic happens.

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