Last week I felt what overwhelm was. I had let things pile for a while and I felt that I could I attack it since I was a gifted guy. I patted my chest that I could get through the pile with some speed. How wrong I was.

A photo by Matthew Wiebe.


As I dug in some other things came to the fore. My clients needed my attention and I had to attend to some of their challenges. By the end of the day, I still had my pile to attack. I felt overwhelmed by everything. My head buzzed. I was scared because I feared that I could lose clients if I just damned the whole pile and took off to just have some respite.

I had sleepless nights. I’d toss and turn, my mind a whirl of thoughts that didn’t excite me, but kept my eyes open without fluttering. I turned on the radio to listen to songs to calm me to no avail. I felt I was going nuts.

Many of us go through the same situation as we tackle the daily tasks ahead of us while building our enterprise. I had to do something so that I could get myself back into the game.

I’ll share a few practical tips that can help you beat the hell outta overwhelm.

1. Watch Telemundo. Did I write that? Oh wow. That’s my relaxant. After the day’s work, I settle to watch my favourite soaps on the Telemundo channel.

Find that channel on TV that helps you to laugh or calm your nerves. Watch them after the day’s work and feel the stress drain off you.

2. Connect with folks who feed you with positive vibes. I have friends that I connect with who are world-changers. Their words give sprint to my feet. Even when they feel my ideas won’t work, they always have a way of wrapping their objections in garbs of positivity.

You need such folks in your life when you feel a drowning.

3. Converse with God. I left the Catholic church to the Pentecostal movement. One of the things I learnt how to do was to shout in my prayers to God. Oftentimes I found out that I was depleted at the end of the day and sort of felt an unconnection.

I began to question my motives and approach. I learnt how to do conversational prayer. I found out that I could talk with him even in low tones like a friend to another friend and leave the communion refreshed and filled with awe at the kind of wisdom that fills me.

[shareable]In periods of overwhelm, talk to Him and experience the thrill of unfathomable peace fill your being.[/shareable]

4. Drink water. My doctor can’t stress this enough. Waking daily to drink water can energise your being. My doctor doesn’t necessary specify the number of glasses I’m to drink daily, but he tells me to drink as my thirst can carry. However, a glass or two in the morning, sometimes laced with lemon, is a necessity.

5. Sleep and exercise. I can’t underestimate the importance of sleep. I take naps as a necessary pill. Though this can be an issue for those in paid employment, short siestas in the day give your body and brain times to shut down and regenerate.

I learnt how to turn my electronic devices off at 10 or 11 in the night and then allow my brain to shut down and ease into sleep mode.

Exercise has been thrown my way a lot of times. I’ve been so lazy to get into the rhythm. The few times I’ve attempted to exercise, I felt the effect. Going by the episodes of last week, I’ve decided to embrace it as a lifestyle. I’m hiring a coach and kicking off my regimen this week.

Regular exercise will boost your energy, stimulate your heart and oxygenates your blood, ultimately increasing your energy level. And you also know what this can do to the weight you have.



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