Hey, I am Emeka Nobis.

Graduating at the top of my class in Mechanical Engineering from one of the prestigious universities – Federal University of Technology – it seemed my life’s path had been cut out for machines and oils and equations.

However, on getting a job in SAIPEM, a leading multinational oil servicing giant, life showed me a different colour on the rainbow. Working with different teams, I regularly entertained questions from individuals who yearned to live above their current struggles. I began to ‘coach’ (for lack of a better word) these folks on how to tap into the beauty of their gifts and utilise them maximally. They began to see optimum results. Thus began my journey into the world of thought leadership.




As a writer, I wield literary pieces to lead readers on path of self-realisation with a goal to make them exceptional leaders in whatever endeavours they find themselves. This has been such a remarkable journey for me.

As a practising SAGE, I utilise effective coaching models to aid individuals and organisations reengineer their paradigms, thereby creating optimal cultures for success.

As a thought leader I help individuals who have experiences, gifting, expertise or knowledge in subject areas to define clearly what their focus should be, communicate their ideologies using formidable platforms and to earn profitably by setting up processes and systems.