Agreed, critics can help us blossom in our enterprise as writers. What is important is to know who a critic is and who a hater is. A hater doesn’t want to engage you in a conversation to get to the fine grains. His or her voice is not a voice of correction.

As you grow in your expertise, you will find folks who want to nail you to stake and set you ablaze, pen and pants and all.

Here’s Alfred’s advice to Batman : “Some men just want to watch the world burn. Your job, sometimes, is to not let them.”

There are two choices you can make today when faced with haters.

1. Worry your head over their trolling. Obsesses over their words. Accept all they say and try to be the Jones that pleases everyone. Of course, you know what the result will be; when you knock yourself out of shape trying to make every hater happy.

2. Do what you have been born to do. If there’s something you have to obsess over, it should be how to better your art. You are not here to make every James, Ogiri and Owambelickus happy. What we are here to do is to paint masterpieces that can change the world in some small significant way.

Which option will you choose today?