For the past one week, a lot of goodies have flown my way due to the help I’ve received from lots of people with whom I’ve come into contact.

And so I decided to do this for humanity.

I’m in an extremely good mood and I truly want lots of folks to get infused with strategies to help their cause before the year runs out.
I’m in Lagos and humans I’ve met here have been of great help, one being given a slot to appear on TV here in Lagos for free to have ADDICTED TO WRITING reviewed.
In the spirit of all the love, I’ve decided to do an extremely great offer to all of us here.
Here’s introducing to you the N1K Bumper Offer.
Here’s what the deal entails. Read carefully.
1. I’ve slashed the price of ADDICTED TO WRITING ebook to N1,000 for a short period. You’ll be getting that.
2. 5 other books of mine worth N10,000. Yes, 5 of my other books I’ve written. 
3. You will get a chance to win Samsung Galaxy Tab & Wireless Headset. These two cost N80,000. You’ll have a chance to get them.
Now, it gets rosier.
4. 15-day Book Marketing Mastery Course worth N15,000.
Over the course of 15 days, you’ll be exposed to what it takes to market and sell a ton of books.
This course will enable you master the strategies I’ve utilised to rake in N3m in less than 6 months from my ebooks. You can earn N1m before December if you undergo this course.
4. 7-day IDEAS FOR WRITING Course valued at N7,000. Having a struggle trying to get ideas for your writing? This course will unfreeze you and unpack the goods.
Carefully articulated thoughts expressed on paper have stirred the most indolent of hearts and set the pace in different spheres of our existence. The thorny things is that sometimes, we are lost in a maze trying to figure out ideas for our books and writing.
The essence of this 7-day journey is to expose you to a coterie of ways to get those elusive ideas flowing through your brain and inks.
5. 21-day Social Media Mastery For Influence & Wealth valued at N20,000.
Do you always fret when you post on social media, so fearful that no one will read your post and take action on what you’ve shared, not to talk of liking or sharing it?
Are you always wondering how some people will post on social media and get hundreds of shares while yours do not?
Are you confused about what to say or write so that it makes sense and people who are watching or reading you will take the action you want them to take, particularly to buy your products?
Have you been doing all things to make money on social media, but you’re not meeting your heart’s desire and goals?
For 21 days you will receive an email from me each day.
In 21 days, you will be exposed to the secrets of the masters who have mastered the nuances of social media to increase their visibility, become so influential, and are earning so much money from their exploits on social media.
You will…
Understand your brand psychology and how to create the right perception and forge the right narrative that gets attention and make people pay you. I’ll help you deal with the psychological barriers (self-doubt, harsh criticisms, unbelief, and faulty money paradigms) that have blocked your success so far.
– Understand what content truly is and how to create the right kind of content that is hypnotic.
– You will understand the 5 elements of content creation that make your content compelling, hypnotic and attractive to read and be engaged with.
– You will learn how to create the contents that pull in massive sales, riding on psychological triggers that turn prospects into paying customers.
– Learn free and cost-effective automation tools that can help you maintain omnipresence on social media so that you can make money even while you sleep.
– Understand how to groom a crowd of followers, engaging them and turning them into evangelists of your message.
All the above for just N1000!
Yes, for N1,000.
I want everyone to get on board and get your game on.
This offer ends at MIDNIGHT today, 1st November, 2018. 
Yes, at MIDNIGHT today, 1st November, 2018.
Once it’s MIDNIGHT, we close this window.
If you overlook this, then I doubt if I can help you anymore.
If you’re there also thinking it’s too good to be true and overlook this, I don’t know how else to help. 😁
Am I crazy to offer you these?
Yes, I am. I’m beckoning you to the craziness and greatness!
It’s in your laps now!