How Should Questions Redefine Our Meanings?

I was enrolled into nursery school at a pretty early age. I was curious about everything. One day while waiting for my dad to come pick me up, I began to stroll around the premises of the school. The fence was a barbed-wire contraption that kept us in, but gave us the chance to see beyond our school.

The school was in a fenced estate and security was adequate. Just outside the fence was a swimming pool where children from the estate who knew how to swim went to swim. In retrospect, I wonder why the pool was unsupervised by an expert.


One day, the thought of having a swim crawled into my mind. It became a strong desire when I saw my classmate enjoy a swim under the supervision of his mother. I didn’t tell my parents, but decided to go it solo. I told my friend about it, to his great excitement.

Thinking back now, I think that my telling him saved the day. I might have been dead by now. My parents withdrew me from the school when news filtered into their ears. Talk about drowning? I didn’t give a hoot.

Then came primary school. The day I was read the story of I Solomon in the Bible, I admired him.  If a man could handle a thousand women, he was truly a man worthy of respect and admiration. Also, I admired Joseph’s coat of many colours. Moreso, if his brothers could bow before him, his dream was worth having.

I was in primary four at the time. I combined the names of the two men and scrapped mine. Emeka Nobis gave way for Solomon Joseph. When my teacher reported me, my father was livid with rage.

It wasn’t any wonder that I began questioning things.

I questioned why a priest, a human like me, should be the one to absolve me of my sins.

I questioned why I should pray the Rosary every night.

I questioned why lecturers refused to be questioned in class during lectures.

I questioned why the same processes at work must always be so during my ten-year stint as an engineer in the company where I worked.

I shared my thoughts back then with my colleagues in a series I called Another Dimension. They received the series with so much appeal that when I finished, they wanted me to continue. That was in 2013.



I had a flash – why not compile those questions into a resource for others to enjoy?

I dipped myself in the idea and had it done.

It is available for FREE download to anyone who desires to see life from different perspectives.

Marriage….God….SpiritualityDeath….Paradoxes It’s ANOTHER DIMENSION


ANOTHER DIMENSION  is a tool, not just an ebook. Readable in less than an hour, I hope it helps to shoot some lights into the horizon of your beliefs.

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