Can you be the judge of your own writing?


No matter how good that you think your literary works are and how your heart will tell you it is great, the ones who consume them are the ones who have the legitimate power to tell you how remarkable your content is.

In the world of writing and becoming influential, your tribe (the people your works are meant to feed) determines how remarkable your content is.

Sadly, you don’t get to decide what “remarkable” is. Your audience does.

To get to that point is to consistently work on your art. When you share your written pieces, listen and read the feedback that you receive in return. This may not mean that you should change the core of your message, but it means that you have to work on your presentation, style, diction or some other aspects that your critical readers point out.

As you start writing intensely and consistently, your hailers will emerge. Those are the ones who will flood your mentions with “Kudos” and “Keep it up”. As good as those words sound to your ears and give you the injections of motivation, you need the input of critical readers.

Those critical readers will mostly reach you privately to share their concerns. It doesn’t mean that you will not have a handful of them who will pour their thoughts, no matter how hurting they may be, in the full glare of the public.

Your role is to soak everything in, go back to the drawing board and keep grinding. It’s a continuous process of becoming.

When you have gotten to that point when a reader sees your work somewhere and can immediately trace that to you, I think you’ve gotten a handle on your rhythm.


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