As an artist with a product, you desire to have folks support your ideas, help to spread it and expand the dragnet of financial hauls.

Imagine a scenario where you’re planning an event and a big influencer agrees to share your message to his or her platform. You jump for excitement knowing that such will bring your ideas before many people and possibly bring the guests you desire. You send emails and a correspondence channel is opened. Then nothing happens. You ask him and he promises to deliver, but still doesn’t. You reach out to him the third time, yet nothing happens.

My joy used to be stolen a lot in the past by the choices of those whom we feel will take an ardent interest in what we are doing and run with it. Then I began to realise the power of disruption; understanding that the umbilical cord has to be cut because the baby needs to thrive in a new environment.

These supports that we seek may not necessarily pull through for many reasons.

Perhaps, promoting you may corrode their own brands. And they found out late. It’s like one bank promoting another. Perhaps, they just dropped out of the radar due to certain unexpected circumstances. Perhaps, they’re envious of your climb, Yes, they can be.

The good pedestals to consider when reaching out to be helped and the questions to ask are:

  1. Making sure your brand is one that won’t bring thorny issues when promoted.
  2. Are you reliable?
  3. Are you reputable?

If all these are properly ticked off, then the only option left to you when you’re not supported will be to disrupt the connection. Support yourself.

The disconnect has a way of throwing up surprises – a company steps in at the eleventh hour to do pro bono for you, a caterer who agrees to cook without being paid upfront or unknown folks who step up like gladiators to lift your arms in victory. It’s amazing when it happens.

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