Asking Questions As You Begin To Lead Yourself And Others Is A Great Way to Grow


When I go to speak at event, the Q & A (Questions & Answers) sessions are the best times for me.

Questions do basically three things for me.

  • They help me to dig to the roots and become specific. Via questions I target that specific individuals who asked and provide clarity.
  • They help me to expand my horizons because questions make me vulnerable and truly honest to myself.
  • They help me assess the meanings that we (you and I) give to events in our lives.

Finding answers to questions give us peace and empower us. By so doing, we establish an ecosystem that is at peace for us to coexist in.

You see, when people say things, I like to use the iceberg approach. Beneath what is said is a mountain of unsaid things that can be brought to the surface via questioning.

On our journeys towards leaving a legacy, living a dream building an enterprise, we must learn how to ask questions. Questions help to unravel the mysteries and bring clarity that lead to the answers.

Let’s look at the QUESTIONS we should ask ourselves and the ones we should ask others as we journey. There are tons of questions but I’ll focus on 5 areas.

A. Relationships

  • Is this relationship symbiotic and helpful as you journey towards purpose?
  • What kinds of relationships should you invest your life in?

B. Finances

  • Are you being prudent with the money in your hands – saving, investing, or frittering it away?
  • What sources can help you to improve your finances – books, trainings or applications?

C. Mental Health

  • Are there triggers that predispose you to certain undesirable behaviours?
  • What kind of conditions should you have around you to help you stay serene and productive?

D. Emotions

  • Are you emotionally intelligent in your response to people and situations?
  • How can you master your emotions for effectiveness?

E. Time

  • How are you spending your time?
  • What times are you apportioning to create, to rest, to connect, and to play?

Notice that these questions have an objective – to bring intentionality into your life.

Even when I’m posting on my blog or writing a book or speaking at a seminar, it’s intentional. I’m asking questions like “How will this serve my audience?” or ” Will this help them move from point A to point B?” or “How can I make their businesses better?”

So in finding great answers, living your life purposefully can help the ones you serve with your gifting, expertise, experiences, and knowledge.

As we journey, we are on different coordinates in life. There are people better than us, there are people we are on the same level of success with, and there are folks we are better than.

When we meet those who are higher up on the curve of success and attainment, what kind of questions do we ask them? Sadly, many folks are fixated on taking selfies and snapshots when they meet such individuals that they forget that the meaningful part of such meetings is to ask the powerful and relevant questions that can help them on their own journeys.

Please note that such questions should be tailored to specific areas you’re keenly interested in that can help your own journey, say in branding, leadership style, dealing with emotional issues or profitability in business.

Let’s explore a few questions.

  • What great lessons have you learnt?
  • What books are you reading so that you can recommend to me that I read?
  • Who are the people in your life that you think will be most beneficial to my journey?
  • Have you experienced failure and how has that experience helped you?
  • How can I add value to you and what you do?

While I’ll try to say that there are no stupid questions, but it’ll be kinda idiotic to meet a significant person in your industry at 1 a.m. online and the first question would be to ask if he had eaten.

Knowing how to ask powerful and great questions can be learnt. We learn how to make love, tell lies, write, speak, and engage in relationships. We can also learn how to ask great questions. Practice and practice and get better.