To attract clients into your business should be an overarching concern for you.

When I was rejected and called an economic risk by a publishing company, I was lightened in my heart when they mentioned that they published a leading pentecostal pastor in my city, David Ibiyeomie.

That reference they made sent me on a quest. I went to work to understudy him. That was how I came up with the church strategy that I’ve been using in my business ever since.

Why are some people able to create massive engagements on social media and others struggle to beg for likes, despite all their efforts?

Why are some authors able to grab the top spots as bestselling authors while others are stuck with piles of books, finding it so hard to sell?

Why will some public speakers collect as much as $5,000 to speak for 45 minutes while others are struggling to find speaking engagements and feed off the crumbs?

People who are doing so are committed to building their personal brands into levels of influence and authority.

Let’s take a look at the church growth strategy to see what these individuals do.

  • they have a message that they spread.
  • they have a platform where they’re projecting their visibility from. The platform can be physical or online.
  • they have loyal followers who buy into their ideologies and spread them viciously.

Why is the need to be influential as a brand?

You become famous to a group of people via various means like WhatsApp, your blog, phone contacts or Facebook friends who like and connect with all that you do. They are the people who create conversations, no matter how small, around you.

When people create these conversations, it changes things. How?

  • You get invited to speak at events.
  • You sell your products and services easily.
  • You receive heartwarming messages from people your message blesses.
  • You get requests to feature and do JVs with other masterminds.

How will these happen for you?

That message is hidden in four areas – gift, expertise, experience, and knowledge.

Having identified those, you’ll need to have the folks you want to serve to be attracted to you and join the movement you’re building.

How do you start?

Attract them! Simple!

When you look at the church model, pentecostal churches fill their pews with adherents when they host miracle crusades, go on evangelism strides and philanthropic missionary ventures. When done, participants are funnelled into the church, none left a-wandering.

The invitation is an emotional experience that gets them hooked so that they can be funnelled into the church (organisation) so that nurturing can commence.

Let me share a few experiences.

At the Coffee Shop where I go to drink coffee, you’re entitled to a free cup of your choice after you’ve taken 10 cups. Then you’re invited to become part of the VIP to the shop. That’s an emotional experience hinged on exclusivity.

My wife’s hair stylist offers the first styling for free, the next 3 at a discounted fee and then commences with full payment.

As a public speaker, invite folks to free strategy sessions, and then upsell to them.

Write a post and boost it using Facebook ad.

Write a book and give it away for free.

Do a video detailing a process – how to tie a headscarf or how to knot a tie or how to bathe a dog or set up a blog. Whatever.

An email course that delivers in drip format.

Whatever it is you decide to set up, always think of how you’ll always invite clients to an emotional experience so that they can come through your doors on a consistent basis.