On the 14th of September, an On Air Personality with a great following shared his thoughts about me.


I was watching Telemundo at the time he made the post. When I began to see many notifications on my phone, I checked and saw what was the source.

Immediately, my head swung into action.

King Ifey is an influential personality and it meant that his words had power. His works are phenomenal. Consequently, the implication is that phenomenal people follow him.

I knew that folks would want to follow me or ask for certain requests.

Now, social media is awesome, but understand that social media channels can fold any day or lose relevance. Remember 2go, MySpace, Hi5, Blab, and recently Periscope’s dwindling love?

Imagine what happens to you if all your efforts are focused keenly on that space. You lose a whole lot.

That’s why you need to think like one who ‘owns and runs’ a church. Oh well, not really owning a church, but let’s dissect what I mean.

Look at the picture below and see an example of the many requests I got that day.

It felt good to have them send me requests, but did you know about Facebook’s algorithms that keep changing like a chameleon’s skin? It means that I don’t have control.

At this stage of my growth, I view friend requests from people from a very strategic perspective. I think of how to be a blessing to them and share with them my life, my ideologies, my philosophies, and everything necessary.

That’s why I decided to funnel them.  And that’s how a typical church functions.

They are wooed and preached to others to attend – ATTRACTION/EVANGELISM. 

The people go to the building at a particular time for service – REGULARITY and CONSISTENCY. 


They invest time and efforts and finances in the growth of the church – INVESTMENTS.

So, with the people who sent me requests, I followed the same church pattern.

I wooed them by asking them to download 4 of my ebooks for free. I dropped the link for them to click so as to get it.

The link takes them to my Facebook messenger bot that has a welcome message. The welcome message has a link that takes them to my blog and then to the emailing list. Once they join the list, it triggers an automated indoctrination sequential emails that do the work of turning them from cold prospects to warm prospects.

Now, if I use a read magnet on my blog, I can instal a pixel on the post that can capture their digital footprints and utilise such in a Facebook ad.

You see how it all works now?

Want to have a taste of this system?




Go figure how to build your own church!