I’ve been around in the public speaking industry to know how it feels when people look up to you like a saviour.
When I speak in churches, I ululate in the luxurious feeling of being pampered – having my Bible carried, ushers bowing and smiling, and the treatment they dole out as if you’re a golden egg. Internally, I blush and say, “If only these people know the hole I crawled out from.”
After speaking, you see folks mill around you like you’re the bright and morning star that raised a prompting to do great; something within them that died long ago. Then you exchange cards and they reel out the usual, “I’ll call you.” This also happens at seminars when you meet like-minded individuals or when you’re an invited speaker.
“I’ll call you.”
I’ve heard that over a thousand times. A few months back, I started mulling over how many people actually called back. Less than 10% I can say, with all the feeling in your body premised on the fact that you’re so gifted and they really need you.
Fact is that if you’re not what an inhaler is to someone suffering an asthmatic attack (sorry for this allusion), they will likely not call back. They’ll chuck away your business card and illusorily wait for when the time you’re needed pops up. Most often than not, they may never remember.
Hard fact is that people are busy just like the way you are. By watching lovers kiss on Telemundo after leaving the seminar or taking your card, they may forget you ever existed.
So what did I do? I flipped the switch and started reaching out via phone calls.
3 days ago, an owner of a foundation where I had gone to speak on the effectiveness of social media called me to tell me that a famous writer here in Port Harcourt was embarking on a campaign and that she had mentioned me as a good resource. She gave me her number.
I went online and checked her out – her social media channels, website, and other necessary stuff.
I grabbed my phone and put a call across. I congratulated her on her successes so far. I I told her I looked at all her pictures and congratulated her on her foreign tours. That was my emotional hook. People love such, but it has to be genuinely expressed.
She told me she had hired a digital agency to run the show, but she found out that they weren’t as creative with content development. Then I waved my magic wand.
“I checked out your portals and found a few things that needed to be done. The digital agency should have known that you need a Facebook page where you can do Facebook ads for as low as N2000. They should have known that your blog needs to have a CRM so that you continually reach out to your tribe and feed them……”
The call lasted for more than 30 minutes. Was I afraid that she would spill what I had shared with the agency? No. Why? No one can write like Emeka Nobis. That’s my unshakable belief and forte.
Later in the evening, I got a text in my phone: “Thanks for discussions held today. Please let me have an address to send a complimentary copy of my first novel. Let me have your terms, deliverables, and projected outcome. My lawyer would contact you.”
So folks, reverse the trend. When you go for seminars or to speak or whatever that attracts people to the blessedness of your offerings, carry a writing pad along. Jot down the numbers of people you meet who don’t have business cards. You can even extend to having Facebook urls (many times I use my device and check them out because someone’s name may pop up five times and you’ll become confused as to which)
And when you get home, plug your Bluetooth headset or your earpieces, hold the writing pad before you and a pen and place a call. These days calls are so cheap, thanks to the competition between the TELCOs.
Because you guys connected on a platform, it shows that you have similar interests. A simple, “So how did you find the seminar today?” can open you up to a conversation that is warm. Remember not to pitch about your business immediately.
When you’ve spoken a while, you can say, “We met and exchanged contacts. That seemed to me that we have something in common. Is there a way I can help your exploits or is there something we can work together on?” A plethora of options can arise from these. For me, my final pitch will be to get them to become part of my home base – my blog. Next step now is to indoctrinate them through an emailing process that is the real profit funnel.
Why a pen? For a thought leader like me, ideas flow when I make such calls. Answers to the questions I ask can be written down to be used as lead magnets in coaching courses and calls.
So, go get ‘em today!