Many years ago Bidemi Mark-Mordi was attacked by bouts of depression. Yes, she was so depressed that nothing gave her hope. It would usually start in late September through December till January. On the external she was all calm and collected. You know that situation when family members, church brethren and colleagues at the office see […]


One marriage down. The second one divorce-bound. Broke, by the world’s standard, but rich and wealthy by divine standards. She had three lovely wide mouths to feed and a business that struggled for a while but has just taken off. Alone and lonely, scorned, shamed and pitied, but still standing. She has not given up […]

SALTY BROOKS – April 2016

In this session of SALTY BROOKS, I hosted Kemi Oyesola. Known as your BLAST IT AWAY! Coach and host of her own radio show – ‘How2Think2Win with CoachKemi.’ she has the amazing capacity to nail down very precisely the thinking patterns that stand in your way. With over 15 years’ experience of working with females […]

SALTY BROOKS – March 2016

In the month of March, I hosted Raquel Jacobs Born on December 7th , she was named Rachael at birth.  She tweaked the spelling of her name to Raquel at  the age of 14. She is from Kaduna State. Though she speaks without an accent of the Northern people of Nigeria, you can tell she is from […]

SALTY BROOKS – January 2016

  In this session of SALTY BROOKS, I hosted Chunu Tejiri. Fondly called Teajay, he’s a Creative Thinker, Ideas Developer, Brand Strategist, Goals Coach and a lover. He’s a Life Coach who advocates strongly for teenage development. He’s passionate about seeking the mental awakening and value re-orientation of the young African. That has led him to […]

SALTY BROOKS – February 2016

  In this session of SALTY BROOKS, I hosted Adenike Adedokun. Getting exposed to sexual lusts and materials with attempts of rape was devastating to her mind and soul. Friends forcing her into lesbianism and other vices wasn’t funny too. She went from various addictions till she had to overcome her mind and gain mastery of […]