My WhatsApp, $2000, and You

How Your Knowledge Can Be Turned Into A Pot of Gold

It was on Friday the 19th that the idea dropped. And as usual with me, I kicked into action. I hate to be paralysed by the perfection of intent. I decided to slash the fee of one of my books, Addicted To Writing, and using the stacking strategy, I turned value worth more than N100,000 into […]


Courses And Trainings All For N1K

For the past one week, a lot of goodies have flown my way due to the help I’ve received from lots of people with whom I’ve come into contact. And so I decided to do this for humanity.   I’m in an extremely good mood and I truly want lots of folks to get infused […]


Hard Knocks and Provoked Thoughts About God, Faith, Productivity,and Success

  On the 21st of May I posted in my Facebook group for writers : I want to gift a very active member of this group with a N1,000 recharge card. Who will it be? In a matter of minutes, comments flooded the post, but one caught me viciously in my jugular. I’ll share the […]


How To Totally Achieve Your Goals In 21 Days

His burial was over four days ago. It seemed that his life had started and ended in the duration that it takes a lighted stick of candle in the kitchen to dissipate into caked wax. At the cemetery, people had gathered to pour encomiums on him, everyone’s words had variations of how fleeting life was, […]


How Should Questions Redefine Our Meanings?

I was enrolled into nursery school at a pretty early age. I was curious about everything. One day while waiting for my dad to come pick me up, I began to stroll around the premises of the school. The fence was a barbed-wire contraption that kept us in, but gave us the chance to see […]


raising exceptional business and organizational thought leaders

At the airport in Milan, I heard a voice, “Is this all you’ll be doing all your life?” I was 26, young and free to tour the world. It was my first time to fly in an aeroplane, thanks to the multinational company that had employed me. Back to Nigeria in 2007, the voice continued […]