For many years while I worked at SAIPEM as an engineer, I didn’t really commit to heart the words written on a big glassed portrait of the company’s logo that hung so conspicuously on the corridor that led to the main offices of the company.

Prior to being employed, I never bothered to know what those were. In the offices I walked into, I felt they were just part of the norm. They just had to be there, hanging on the walls as relics of perceived motion within the walls of the organisation.

A photo by Jake Hills.


By the time I was contemplating leaving and began my coaching practice, “mission statements” loomed large in my face at several trainings I attended.

“What’s your mission statement?” I’d hear many speakers ask over and over. That was when I actually went to check the one of the company out.

As I connected with enterprising folks who wanted to run their businesses, I saw lots of them confusing values with their mission.

Here’s how you can craft a great mission statement for your organisation.

Having the right mission statement well crafted can direct the activities of the organisation, create the right atmosphere for the engagement of employees, and trigger the kind of actions that are true indicators of productivity


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