You Can Create Products That You Can Easily Give To Client

As a coach or consultant, have you been kicking yourself in the head on how to quickly create products that your clients can easily scoop up?
Yesterday, I read something from Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale concerning the benefit of documentation during strategic coaching practice.
He opined that as you begin to practice as a coach or consultant, you’ll come to find out that your clients actually make your job easier when it comes to creating products that serve them.
Many of us started with observing the problems around us and formed products or services that solve those observed problems. According to him, this helps for visibility, but not necessarily your customer growth.
However, as customers begin to patronise you, you notice they begin to have peculiar needs that you must work towards solving specifically. Those can serve as appropriate market feedback. You get to know the issues people actually need solutions to.
By doing so, you have products you’ve created that you can simply refer to clients without doing extra work in building from the scratch except for alight mergers and personalisation here and there.
Harkheindzel went ahead to say that as a coach or consultant, you should have a good documentation protocol and a good storage for your products and services. You can document in a book, podcast, audio session or action points.
I loved his takes. Absolutely fantastic. Apart from how he described the documentation protocol, I have an adaptation to add.

For all the clients that I’ve worked with created folders for all them and I can easily pull out a template, tweak it effectively for the new client, based on needs, and use them.

For example, the series of emails I used to help a client launch a product are in my folder. To help another client with product launch, all I need to to do is to bring up those emails and tweak them appropriately to suit the needs, specificity and objective of the new client, also incorporating new ideas and findings that I’ve done on the subject matter.

Some days ago, I had an epiphany while taking my bath. My bathtub is where I tap into a lot of ideas.
As I let the water drop down from my head, the idea began to take shape concerning how to build products that I could just offer without stress to folks who ask me questions concerning how to discover themselves, grow clarity and begin to showcase themselves, but they don’t have the funds to have a hand-holding experience with me that usually starts from $400.
When I left the bathroom I went to my table and began scribbling the idea down.
This month, I’ve been appearing on radio for an hour at least every Monday. Based on the topics I’ve dwelt on, I receive a barrage of calls from the listeners who tune in to listen to me who want me to help them clarify their paths, build their platforms, and earn via the systems they will build.
When I begin to converse with them to present a special 3-hour session (that costs $100) or a hand-holding coaching experience (that starts from $400), some of them are not able to sign up. I get tons of such inquiries whenever I leave the radio station and after speaking engagements.
That got me thinking. Why not create a product these guys can get for $50 without directly connecting with me? I simply refer it to them.
That morning in the bathtub, I realised I had done a 5-day free challenge in the Facebook group that I had shut down sometime ago. I quickly went back to where I’d documented them. Now, I’m going to package the same into a 5-day email course that these guys can afford and partake in.
That way, I’ll not completely leave money off the table. Secondly, they’ll also become warm prospects who could eventually sign up for premium experiences in the future.
Yea, so it broke for me!
Time to work and get it done before next appearance.