The thing is that we are all fighting the gremlins that dog our paths as we morph from one phase of our lives to the next.

Denying that those gremlins don’t exist is akin to an ostrich’s act of burying its head in the sand. The moment it pulls it out, reality stares at its eyes right there.

The mind taps from experiences of the past when you want to make new decisions.

That’s why you quickly remember how that brother of yours lied to you many times and so at the next meeting in the office, you rose in opposition when he was being considered for a contract.

That’s why you shudder when you see a huge guy putting on yellow tees you quickly remember how you ex beat you to stupor because it was the same colour of shirt he wore that day. A guy putting on yellow tees is a turn-off.

That’s why you shy away from going live on TV because your mind remembers how your spouse spanked you verbally for the ehms ehms ehms you were spilling on your first appearance due to your nervousness.

There are so many others…..

These experiences that have been embedded in your mind creates anchors that influence the patterns that you see in your life, making you react and respond to certain stimuli (scents, sights, words, and tastes) the way you do.

What do you do?

It’s to create new neural paths based on new anchors.

Quite simple. These anchors are the things we have that work in our favour. I’ll share a few.

1. Create a new mastermind.

Apart from the relations whom nature have foisted on you, you’ve got the right to the kind of friends and people that you allow access into your intimate parts.

I have many friends, but I have less than 5 intimates. These intimates are folks who don’t see boundaries, who are ready to take on an idea first without quashing its potentials and begin drilling down to the basics to find the possibility of success.

If they’re not helping your journey, it’s time to make a change, no matter who they are.

2. Begin making a journal of appreciation.

Earlier in my journey, I began to take screenshots of individuals who chatted me to express their gratitude for embarking on my life’s journey. From time to time, I’ll visit the catalogue of these shots and immerse myself in the wonderful feelings they bring. By doing so, my mind creates new anchors that help me when the rains of depression threaten to blur the visage of my greatness.

I sincerely believe you’ve got a catalogue of folks who have expressed such immense fascination for your journey. Begin making such a catalogue and feed your mind with them.

3. Look at all you’ve achieved and swoon over your achievements. 

I bet that you’ve spent more than 20 years on this earth. Take a journey backwards. There have been many joyful moments that you’re grateful for.

Perhaps, you’ve bagged a degree or degrees. That’s a worthy anchor.

Perhaps, you’ve appeared on TV or been interview in a magazine or worked for many years in an establishment and you’ve not been fired, but praised for excellent disposition? Those are anchors.

Perhaps, for want of love, you’ve been despised by family or people in relationships. Look around, even the Facebook comments that praise your cerebral status or beauty are anchors.

4. Mingle with the divine. 

I’m a Christian. That’s not to put down your own beliefs. I’ve come to see the hand of the divine in life – rocks, air, greenery of shrubs, the smile on the moon’s face at night, and a gamut of other events. Those are worthy anchors for my mind.

Also, by stepping into the Bible and reading the words in there, powerful anchors are created that titillate my daily life.

You’ve got your own way of appreciating the divine, no matter the religious affiliation you’re inclined to. Do so.

There are so many more….

Your responsibility? Find those experiences that create an empowering feeling in your body and fixate on them. They are anchors. The more you do, you find that you’re creating new neural pathways that deal with the gremlins. 

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