You’re the light of the world!

“The worst mindset to have is selling to broke folks who can’t afford you. I’ve watched you for one year and I’ve seen what your brand can do. Your fault is that you’re too compassionate.”

That hit me like a bombshell. You know the kind of words that penetrate you to the dividing asunder of soul and flesh. A certified marketing coach, she’d called me on the phone to have a brief session with me.

My personality is the empathetic type and she’d sliced through me. At the beginning of the year I needed to do a review. Some things weren’t going right with my brand. I needed an unvarnished dissection. And she did justice to.

“You need to understand the peculiarity of your location. Many Nigerians are in need of money because in Nigeria, everybody lives like a government of his or her own. You pump your water, you pay hospital bills, you provide your own power. Whatever it is that you’re doing with you brand, if you don’t infuse elements of helping your clients make money, you’re toast. If you help someone make N1000, they’ll come back so that you can help them make N10,000.”

She was absolutely right. Then she hit another.

“Trying to preach to broke folks on the need to patronise you, no matter how great your services are, is a waste of time. That’s wasteful marketing. Instead, focus on the ones who can. You can’t save the whole world. That’s the mindset to have!”

I left the session feeling a mix – an enfeebling of my empathetic weakness and a recalibration of an inner strength of resourcefulness.

It’s based on those evaluations that I make this post. There are mindsets to install if you’re going to make a meaning out of 2019, exploit resources available to you, and stay profitable.

… mindsets for 2019

“You’re the light of the world!” I bet you’ve heard that sentence, even if you don’t know in which holy book it’s found. Please pay attention to “world.”

The word “world” is instrumental. It’s not about your location – Dallas, Johanessbourg or Lagos. It says you’re the light of the world. So, wherever the sands of the earth can be found, you can be the light there. The fact that I believe that I’m the light of the word guides all I do online where I lend a voice to my expressions.

That mindset of being the light of the world guides how I present myself, how I write, how I interact and how I engage in symbiotic relationships. Whenever I’m online to share, the mindset is, “What if the world leaders are reading, will they find me worthy to be invited into their hallowed chambers?”

Ponder over the word “light.” It’s an expression. It’s glorious. It’s uncovering the YOU in YOU. It’s telling you that your entitlement is to glow and be seen.

“No one lights a lamp and hides it under a bushel.” That sentence is both a statement and a question, even though it has a full stop and not a question mark. As you ponder over those words, you’ll feel a seeping of fire into your bones that process of hiding something glorious is idiotic. Hiding light under a bushel shouldn’t be contemplated.

In 2019, if there’s something you should embrace as an addiction, it’s the addiction to be visible.

By being visible as the light, you’re leading souls on the paths of transformation with your own journey and expressions. I’ll share three ways.


These days the virtual world is available to us. With our mobile devices, the world is in our pocket. You can purchase a domain name from Namecheap for as low as $0.88 and get hosted by A2 Hosting for as low as $25. With your blog set up, you can give free vent to your expressions – knowledge, expertise and skill. Social media channels cost zero to set up.

As we enter the new era of artificial intelligence, we lead from our toilets. By embracing these outlets and sharing your story, successes, aspirations, results, you begin to connect with individuals who need you to be able to light their own lamps. Your influence begins to grow.

When it comes to all I do, I’m a showman. I’m vicious about sharing. By sharing your life in ways that aren’t condescending, but expressive enough to attract folks into the pool of your blessedness, you’ll truly lead.


In November, 2018, I’d organised a class in Abuja for thirty participants. When done, I got invitations to teach in two different locations. What’s more? I had three invitations to three different radio stations.

Some of those invitations were so close and squeezed in between my own appointments, but I had to honour them. By doing so, I’d spread the fragrance of my brand and established relationships that are key to further brand growth. Absolutely critical.


If there’s a skill you have to learn in 2019 to dominate, it’s how to relate with people. Within the souls of men and women lie the lampposts of achievements. You can’t exist in a wealthy state outside the confines of community. Your success is amplified within the context of community.

That’s why I hug, offer endearments and giving listening ears to folks when they want to vent about their issues. With those acts, emotional connections are established. Those emotional connections can make a human being fly to the moon to pluck a rose. Never forget that.

2019 is yours for the taking!