At the airport in Milan, I heard a voice, “Is this all you’ll be doing all your life?”

I was 26, young and free to tour the world. It was my first time to fly in an aeroplane, thanks to the multinational company that had employed me.

Back to Nigeria in 2007, the voice continued to plague me. I went in search of answers and found them – my gifts were to serve the world at large.

I doubled as an employee during the day and an entrepreneur at night and weekends. I read, became trained offline and online, and began building my empire.

Did I kick my boss in the ass? No!

Did I feel worthless as an employee? No!

Did I feel I wasn’t qualified? No!

What did I do?

I got into the circle of kings, focused intently, chose and built formidable platform and embassies, forged remarkable partnerships, and tweaked my offerings as I moved along.

Thought leaders understand that the world is a map they can feel with their hands. Global relevance in our times is so easier.

I’ve met lots of folks who have the entrepreneurial nudge, but are either clueless or downright afraid to start.

That’s why I’ve set up EMBRYONIC, a Facebook closed group within which I will help folks create the blueprints they need to lead in their businesses and organisations.

From identifying the uniqueness of their gifting to drawing it out, from crafting a compelling narrative about their messages and pursuit to building a thriving platform for its blossoming, from understanding the psychology of branding to the ability to connect with the hearts of those who need what they offer, these individuals walk in a haze.

They are tired of seminars where speakers go to hype their own success stories without dishing out a blueprint that is needed for them to light their own path to glory.

This is the cardinal aim of EMBRYONIC. We want you to be in charge of your own destiny and plot the markers for your own advancement. We won’t just be telling stories but sharing deep, step-wise approaches to helping you become an exceptional leader in your own domain.

If you’re gunning to lead, EMBRYONIC is for you.

If you are setting up to join the entrepreneurial path, this family has your back.

If you want to set up your side gig while you work as an employee so that you can test your product’s acceptability at the market place, this is the group for you.

If you’re gunning to up the ante in your game or you’re gunning to have the freedom that an enterprise brings, this is the place to be.

From marketing to product development, from psychology to branding, from social media to street-focused guerilla tactics, I shall lead the souls who sign up onto phenomenal paths.

They say the best things in life come for for free – smile, laughter, air, and a whole others. I concur. However, some smiles come because of the money in the bank. In cases of emergency, oxygen will no longer become free, but will be served in a bottle that is paid for.

Because I’m committing myself to serve you in a way that is overwhelmingly committal, this experience will cost you, but not an arm and a leg.

For a full year of 12 calendar months, your subscription fee is N60,000. When broken down into bits, this comes to N5000 a month.

Expending N5000 a month to feed your mind is such a great investment. You will begin to marvel at the cheapness of this offer by the time the first month is over.

To be part of this group, this fee is paid yearly and paid in full – no monthly installments. That way the burden is off you for a whole year.

The group kicks off in the first week of January, 2016. However, if you make payments before 30th of December, 2015, you’re entitled to a slash of N10,000. It means that you pay N50,000 instead of N60,000.

Fair deal, right?

If you are really serious about joining us in this group and you can afford what it takes to be part, then click this link – EMBRYONIC – and follow the instructions.

I shall reach out to you personally when you feed in your details after clicking the link.