Punching in codes into the computer console.

Stretching lines in design.

Slashing and painting and cutting words to size.

The motivation we give ourselves when we sit our butt for hours in trying to create a piece of work for the consumption of others.

The pacing up and down as we conjecture what pieces fit into the puzzle.

We are buffeted by the fear of acceptance, yet we push ourselves to create. That emotional push is often not seen by others. It can’t be measured statistically. It can’t be felt by others. However, it is very significant.

In the long run, our creation (a piece of art, a service, an app, a physical product) qualifies as an object of blessedness to humanity. Our fulfilment comes from the fact that we touched the lives of others.

  • the app that helped the blind to get around easily.
  • the service that got two sweethearts to bind together.
  • the book that shattered limitations into fragments in a reader’s life.
  • the clip on the ear that got a deaf guy jumping in excitement at hearing the first sound.

That’s the emotional aspect of creation that’s often neglected.

It’s a spiritual and when we come to this realization, we are happier for it.