Imagine that you woke up today and you found out that Facebook was no more.

Imagine that you switched on CNN and saw a flashing headline : “Facebook, Sold!”

6 days ago, as I rode home, I checked into Twitter to discover that some new features had been added. The ability to favourite tweet had been removed and in its place was the “like” button. That was cool to me. At that point I remembered that I had lots of tweets I had favourited, tweets from the great minds I follow, links that I wanted to cool down and savour sometime in the future.

I quickly clicked the “like” button to see if they would turn up, perhaps they had been saved under the new feature.

The favourited tweets didn’t show up. I refreshed and nothing happened. I turned off my data, turned it on and refreshed once more. Zilch. I panicked. Was I going to lose those tweets just like that? All those awesome content? Damn! I went to bed sad.

The next morning, I logged in once more and found my tweets. All of them, under the new “like” feature.

What if Mark Z and his bunch of nerds wake up one day and decide to strut off into the sunsets in Maui and sell off Facebook to some Arabian prince who goes on to convert it to a porn site? Yes, my mind works like that.

These folks can wake up one morning and flip the channel. I have been in some hotels where they just changed my Telemundo channel in the midst of the action to assuage the tastes of some football-crazy guests at the hotel. It wasn’t funny at all.

Imagine all the content you have spilled onto this space gone like a candle in the wind. Painful I must say.

That’s why I advise every thought leader who is serious about his or her works to have a home base. Your blog is your home base. That is where your thoughts breathe. That is where you connect with your family.

Permit me to say that blogging is not all that hogwash you hear out there. When done strategically with the intent of connecting with the hearts of folks at the points they matter most, you’re in for a great ride.

Remember Myspace and Hi5?

If you want to have a home on this online space, build your own home instead of renting. Get your own self-hosted blog and feed your tribe, connect with souls, and earn profitably.

All others are but embassies, and embassies can shut down, especially in times of war.