Many artists, at the point of emergence onto a landscape where their art is starting to receive some form of acclaim, have entertained jabs, taunting remarks or dismissive disclosures about the beauty of their art or their promise of adventure.

Why will your colleagues laugh at you dismissively when you disclose your intention to gain global relevance by the practice of your art? Is it that the familiarity blinds them to the fact that you can embark on such excellent conquest? Or the fact that you all are holed up in the same locale that the possibility of your pursuit seems remote? Or that your desire to break the mould vests on you some invincibility that they see as sacred and fearful at the same time?

Perhaps, these folks regard you as a great being, capable of exploring your innate gifting. To an extent that they feel impotent aspiring to.

When the transformation occurs, watch how they drama unfolds; from being cajoled to being an object of their evangelism. As you keep at it, successively achieving your goals, they are drawn into your greatness, often bragging about it to others.