I’ve told this story over and over.

In 2010 I wanted to publish my first book. I approached Destiny Image in the United States. They told me that they don’t publish Africans, but I should write their sister company in Italy. I did.

By the time I got their proposal, my eyes popped out at the amount I was going to pay to have my work published.


I knew traditional publishing entailed the publishing company taking on the financial requirements and helping the author to gain leverage. Guess what, they flushed that feature down the drain.


The simple answer they gave me was that I was a risk. They couldn’t risk putting their money down 100% to publish a newbie like me.


Being classified as a risk by a foreign company could be just enough to make me feel so inadequate, leading me down a tunnel of depression, making me to fold my arms and just pack my bags and go home.

The sad truth is that many of us are bent over by self-imposed limiting beliefs. These are limiting beliefs that are as a result of the stories we tell ourselves.

Those narratives keep us in a rut and we remained chained helplessly to the gates of inactivity.

Determining and ridding yourself of doubts is the first step towards being a published author.

Ever told yourself the following? Ever asked yourself the questions below?

“Am I good enough?”

“What will my friends say?”

“Who authorised me to write a book?”

“There are so many books out there, so what will I say that has not been said?”


There are tons and tons of those types of questions above.

There are so many limiting beliefs plaguing many people. If I am to list all of them here, you’ll spend 10 years reading this post.

So, look at the above and add yours. I know you’ve got your own daunting limiting belief.

Let’s zoom and kill off the gremlins.

Firstly, you may feel that the time isn’t right for you to write a book because you don’t qualified to do so now. Oh well, there’ll never be a time that you want to drive from where you are over a distance of 500 kilometers and you wait for all the traffic lights to be green before you engage gear and commence your journey.

Before I resigned from my job, time was a luxury. I ditched driving my own car in preference for riding in a taxi. While riding to work, I enjoyed the advantage of freedom to pen words in my phone application. Those hours commuting to and fro work helped me to write tons of materials that found their ways in my books.

Sadly, this is life and there’ll never be a perfect timing. Job, kids, family, and many other distractions will always be there.


Secondly, many worry over how their book will fare when it’s published. You feel no one will but this is another sorry conversation that you have with yourself. You feel it’s not up to standard as those of the big gurus who sell a million copies each time they launch a book.

The truth I can tell you is that in this business of publishing, there’s the place of strategy and the place of providence.

You do your bit to lay the ducks to be shot, then you go to work and depend on providence. You can just never tell.

It doesn’t mean that hope is to be depended upon, but your job is to do the work, plan, and then go to market to sell. The results will trickle in different streams. Trust me, it always does.


Thirdly, you feel you’re not an expert. Oh well, experts didn’t grow from the womb. They turned experts via a process. You don’t need to be labelled one. Your book can be your own story, your experience, your thoughts about refining a process, a perspective concerning a worldview that you’re very touch about or an investigation you’ve conducted.

One thing you should know is that there is something unique about your life that others don’t know about.

Perhaps, you survived cancer. That story is needed.

Perhaps, you overcame obesity and you’re now a fitness expert. The world needs it.

Perhaps you’ve been able to resign from your job to set up your business. Someone needs it.

You’ve experienced adversity, survived the pain and ridden to the peaks of success.


Fourthly, many say they’re not writers. They just say, “I’m not a writer!” When I dig in deeply, I see something quite fundamental. Those folks have compared themselves to the accomplished and globally acclaimed creative writers.

While comparison is good, it can cause depression. Everyone is on his or her lane.

Creative writing is a unique field where folks utilise creative powers to create scintillating stories. However, if you’re able to bring words together in very simple format so that folks can read it, you can publish a book.

If you’ve been able to go through school, wrote your exams, then you can simply follow that same path to writing your book. It’s simply called writing – taking words and joining them together to make meaningful sense.

The beautiful thing is that in our time, anyone can publish a book. With the vast array of applications and technological innovations at our disposal, anyone can write a book.


So, to continue my story…

What lightened my burden was that they told me that they’d published Pastor David Ibiyeomie, founder of Salvation Ministries in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

I went to work.

Why are some people able to create massive engagement on their blog, their social media accounts, or their podcasts while others struggle to find a few hundred followers after years of efforts?

Why are some authors able to grab the top slots as bestsellers, amassing tons of sales, while others are stuck with a room full of books they’re finding so tough to sell?

How do some consultants and public speakers command huge fees at speaking engagements such as $5000 – $1m for a 60-minute speech while others who are smart, savvy and qualified, still find themselves grappling to secure engagements?

I got answers and that led me down a phenomenal path. Part of my learnings have been published in a book – Grow Your Platform – that I give away for free to help other writers and authors.

I’ve been working hard, growing my platform, and growing my fame.

I went ahead to publish my first book in 2011. So far I’ve published 11 other books and I’m glad.

You’ll be shocked that the book came as a result of my invitation to share my thoughts in a WhatsApp group on how they could also rise to share their uniqueness to the world, communicating viciously, and growing wealth.

All I did was to collate all the lessons and publish them in a book. If you’ve not downloaded yours, please do so here >> Download Grow Your Platform

I ask you : What will be holding you bound, having read the above?

Will you still keep still and not bless the world with the story, the lesson, the expertise, the experience that’s buried within you in the form of a book?