I was struck by chickenpox and so I confined myself to my room. I gave myself over to listening to podcasts on my newly installed Podcast Go app on my phone.

While listening, I was interrupted by an Instagram notification – Tai Lopez was live. This was at about 6 a.m. I quickly clicked it and began to listen.

Three sentences stuck on me like a closed bench vice when I was done.

– The good guys aren’t seen and selling because they like to form good while the bad guys are noisy and confident to share their voices. 

– Creating just one product will not get you the goods. Think of an array of products. 

– You think it’s wisdom when you say you will not make someone rich by giving him your money. You make yourself rich by helping others to become rich. 


My day was made. I screamed in ecstasy.

Recently, the social media was agog with folks shouting about the boycott of the planned NickFest (a show for kids organised by Nickelodeon) because singers like Olamide were lined up to sing at the show. Their anger is that Olamide is not a role model for kids and that good role models should be invited to sing.

While I applaud the moral justification for such, I checked out the social media profiles of some of the folks who were voicing their concerns. I never saw a single post by them praising the works of a so-called good person.

You see, this is the problem with most of us.

[shareable]We form good and we don’t want to shout about the goodness in us because we think doing is being proud. [/shareable]

We see a great post, but we never comment. We don’t like the post. We don’t even share. At most, we drop a “Nice one” or “Good one” or the two that we think are most blessed to the write – “Keep it up!” and “God bless you!”

They are bold and courageous and they are brazen when they make demands.

It’s time to shout your goodness to the high heavens.

Your goodness is the best thing to have happened to humanity. 

If I ask you to name the 3 major pain points of the people you serve (or the ones you’re aspiring to serve), can you close your eyes and mention them without stuttering?

Okay, let me tell you mine.

– How to define what they should focus on like walking in the dark. 

– Timidity eating up their bones, thereby preventing them from showing up to showcase. 

– Not being able to make money despite the tons of things they know in their brains.

So, how do I serve them by knowing these?

It’s by creating an array of products – a product suite that enables them pick the product that suits them and solves their pressing needs.

If they’re not thirsty, they won’t need your water. So, also, if they’re not hungry. But perhaps, they need to smell good and you’re offering them a perfume, they will buy. 

Stop offering them perfume when they need water and expecting them to buy because they’re your friends. Oh, come off it!

Today, begin to think of how to create your own suite of products.

People have different interests and passions. Look at it from that perspective.

Finally, I’ve met lots of folks who refused to sign up for courses because they think they’ll make me rich. For years, they fixate on scooping the free stuff and have sworn never to pay for anything that’s with a price tag.

One voiced his concern some time ago : “Why should I make you richer when you’re already rich?”

Do you think this way? Do you think that by investing your money in someone else, you’re making the person rich, and therefore you hold back?

Are you one of those that hears that a trainer is charging N100,000 per day for a training for 20 persons and then you calculate how much he’s making and decided not to pay, even when you know you need the course?

Oh, well, you’re on lockdown.

That’s the worst poverty mentality trolling the surface of the earth!

By becoming rich, I don’t really mean they they’re allowing dollars fall off their pockets like Mayweather.

I mean that you’ve helped them experience satisfaction, joy, transformation, grace, and strength.

Just because you offered them that solution.

Just because you rose and took the steps to create the solution

Just because you’re YOU.

When someone creates products to help someone’s penis rise again and dig in with febrile pleasure, should he withhold his hand to pay you? No.

When someone needs to bathe and goes to buy soap from you as the seller, should you be awful that they paid to buy the soap so they can have a good bath?

When a lady needs to clean her teeth so she smiles so broadly on her wedding day, will you feel withdrawn to sell her the paste? I doubt.

So, dear, if you’ve been drowning yourself in that stream of wretched thinking, rise from its grip today.

You make yourself rich when you invest in the works of others that are designed to drop gemstones in your own life so that you serve humanity better. 

Will you?

Tell me here