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When I was about to resign from my job of ten years as an engineer to focus full time on my career as a writer and thought leader, one major thought that plagued my night dreams was how I was going to get clients who would provide the cash flow that my business needed to thrive.

I had resigned because I wanted to stray off the script. I wanted more time for family to play with my son. I wanted to have a lifestyle designed by me and lived by me. I wanted to build a business that funded the lifestyle I had desired for many years. I wanted to travel, not feeling that I had a job to return to.

Those desires were great, but without money, the entire dream would be a fruitless and frustrating adventure.

As I began to think through, I realised that each of us have four things upon which the foundation of an enterprise can be built for profitability. 

I will share on those four areas.

Experience. From the time you cried the first time out of the womb, your life began to accumulate stories. Everyday of our lives adds to those stories. We are baggage and inside us are thousands of stories that will be told. Sadly, many will not be told. 

We have all experienced things in our lives. Those experiences are embodied in those stories of our lives. People need those experiences. People need those stories to get their own acts together. They need those stories to validate their own essence. They need them to feel a bond of comradeship as they paddle the boats of their lives.

Perhaps, as a young man, you were sodomised by an uncle of yours for whom you had immense respect. That made you to loathe authority and people in positions of authority and power. Over the years, you got a hold of that reality, learnt valuable lessons, made peace with your uncle and gained victory. That story is what someone else needs to live and breathe free.

Perhaps, like me, you suffered premature ejaculation after wedding for many months. I was stressed at work and it had a huge toll on my sexual performance. Via a psychological realignment, I got emancipated and I got back into the game with renewed spirits. Someone needs that story to gain freedom.

Perhaps, you were the baddest guy on campus who terrorised and decapitated heads of fellow students as the Chief Capone. Then came the day an evangelist that had been touted as the most powerful in the district preached Christ at a crusade in your school. You decided to shame him by standing rock firm in defiance of the “wave of the Spirit.” However, at the touch of his hand, you fell flat on your face, repented and became a lover of God. Someone needs that story.

One of my stories now is the transition from my paid job. Whenever I go to speak I find ways to infuse that into my speech and since I started telling it, many folks have gotten the boldness and confidence to pursue the paths that truly make their hearts sing.

Expertise.  You gain mastery over the things you do daily at work in your career pursuits. As a writer who writes daily, I’m a master now in the game. I can help others gain such mastery.

As an accountant, your daily work at the office, utilising certain software, imposes mastery of your craft. That expertise is needed by someone. You can share how you’ve overcome challenges in dealing with vendors, clients, and those thrown up by colleagues.

As a businessperson already rocking the game, your daily usage of the skills of business and values – faith, devotion, steadfastness and love – have moulded you into a great individual worthy of emulation. Someone needs that expertise.

Knowledge.  There are certain intelligences that we have acquired over time. You’ve studied them, learnt them via training, but you may not be necessarily using them for yourself.

Before commencing blogging, I enrolled to be trained well at Platform University for 8 months. It is run by a man I have so much faith in when it comes to platform building – Michael Hyatt. Most of the things I’ve learnt have not really been put to use in my own business, but currently I’m helping a client of mine launch her own online university. I have not launched mine, but that knowledge came in handy to help her.

This is where the stock brokers play their own game. They’re knowledgeable, but they’re not necessary millionaires, but their knowledge can help you transform your thousands into millions.

Gifting. I’m a staunch believer in the fact that everyone of us have innate gifts. The gifts we have may be similar, but I truly believe that we have distinct ways of expressing and manifesting them.

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Till I get a shift, I hold onto this notion unapologetically.

Perhaps, you’re so adept at weaving hairs or singing or tending to sick elderly folks.

Perhaps, you’ve got the gift of being a mystic. You can hear the birds sing or the flowers rustle and gain insight into the workings of the universe or smell the scent of the rain and tell where it comes and goes.

My adventure now is to preach the message that people build enterprises around these four areas – experience, expertise, knowledge and gifting – utilising the powerful leverage we have in our hands now

There you go. These four areas are the area we can exert influence and build profitable enterprises in our time.

Which ones will you utilise today?