[shareable]Doing what you truly love is such a exhilarating venture. [/shareable]

For many employees, working at jobs that they don’t really like, but have to just because of the money it pays, tears their peace apart every passing moments that they spend in the cubicle. 

They’re gifted, no doubt, but the prospect of being uncertain how the the next paycheck comes is an unsettling notion.

Not being able to buy good clothes, pay the rent or tend to the family’s needs can be as frustrating as chasing a wild cat in the jungle.

What if you chose to forego the jollification on Saturdays and do work that truly matters to your soul?

Perhaps, that work can be to blog, to teach kids, to write your novel, to attend to your farm.

It might be hard, but its point that can tilt the scale of your fulfilment.

[shareable]Life here is short, why spend it on something that freezes the marrows in your bones?[/shareable]




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