Want To Grow Influence? Consider The Art of Storytelling

Storytelling holds you spellbound, isn’t it?

Read below.

“Ask your friend na, he is just a click away.”

Confused, she asks, “Which friend kwa?”


And she asked ‘her’ friend.

Hours later, she was wheeled into the E.R.

Her friend has told her the the side effects of the drug.

Immediately, she started experiencing all and as her heart beat raced.

Her blood pressure shot up and she lost consciousness.

Hours after the E.R experience, revived and sitting up in bed, she turned and gave her friend the evil eye.

“Keep your Google friend to yourself. Na so I for die for nothing.”


How did you feel reading that story? Were you able to grab the import by the time it ended?

By the way, it was a story coined by my friend, Dinma Nwobi, as a response to a post I made about the dangers of the new narrative – “Google it!”

One of the world’s powerful tool in growing influence while serving a dedicated group of people (clients, customers, followers, electorate, tribe, or religious adherents) is storytelling.

When you tell a story, they see the process.

In your story, we see the how, the why, your failures, and your tools.

Stories are powerful mental triggers.

Our minds have been trained for thousands of years to listen to stories.

Nothing is more engaging than a good story.

That’s why very influential public speakers use the power of storytelling.

However, in telling your story, you’ve got to be authentic.

In growing your brand to be influential, authenticity is the real deal.

You’ve heard the “fake it till you make it” paradigm?

That’s the easiest way to dump your brand in hell.


In telling your stories, be true. Use facts that are verifiable. Use references if you’re not too sure.

See, people can decipher when you’re being fake.

And trust me, at the depth of their beings, even fake people hate being around other fake people.

So, be YOU as you journey. 

Embrace your uniqueness and share it authentically.

You know what, everyday presents us with good stories in all that we do or our areas of expertise or gifting.


Everyday presents us with good stories to add to our bag of experiences, fodder for helping us serve our tribe in transformational ways.

On the streets, as you drive around, there are stories present in the bickering of people, the honking of car horns, the snail speed of traffic, and the antics of urchins.

In the offices, there are stories of tempers on a short fuse, hands that wander, bosses that are either bitchy or temperate, and activities gone sour.

In the doctor’s office, there are stories – of patients who refuse to divulge all they know about an ailment, of reactions to prescriptions and diagnosis, of religious interpretations of medical processes, and victories over ailments thought to be killers.

As a businessman, there are always stories – of clients who are always sinusoidal in their decision making process, of clients who opt out of deals without explanations, of rain messing up production, of debts being owed, and of monies rolling in like a windfall due to strategies that worked excellently.

Storytelling cuts through to the subconscious. When you grab the subconscious, you’ve landed a good inroad jab.

Storytelling helps you to connect emotionally for when the prospect finds himself inside the story, he or she connects and it’s easier to relate with you. They feel connected because your story shows you understand them.


You see the adverts we see daily on TV or on billboards. All of them are telling good stories that make us want to buy into their narratives and spend our monies to purchase their products.

The thing is that telling a good story comes with practice.

You don’t need to be a very creative writer or speaker to tell a good story.

You just need to communicate in simple words and be authentic as you share.

And you can start today!


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