It’s 6 a.m. in the morning. My body is now on autopilot waking mode. It wakes itself, even though I stopped working for many months.

I reached out to my tablet by the side of my bed. My tablet sleeps by the side of my bed daily these days. I quickly turned on the data to check my emails. My eyes settle only on the emails that come from my payment platform – alerts of payments for digital products of mine. A smile spreads on my face.

It wasn’t always this way. For 10 years I worked as a mechanical engineer for one of the leading oil servicing giants in the world. It was pretty exciting working there as a bachelor, but when I got married, I began to feel the pain.

I yearned to be at home at weekends. I yearned to be with my family the more. I yearned to be there when my son went to school for the first time.┬áSadly, those were only dreams that didn’t see the light of day.

In 2010, I began a deliberate journey of greatness. I found the ways of the sages and greatest leaders of all time and began to learn what made them tick and why they were so influential.

I discovered that they had a core message for humanity. They had solutions to humanity’s problems and challenges.

They stuck to their guns sharing their ideologies.

They chose channels to reach as many people as possible and grew communities of believers who trusted, loved and believed in them.

Ultimately, they became wealthy. They became paid to offer their solutions.

Since 2010 I’ve led many individuals down this path of awesomeness. While some of those engagements were paid experiences, many are still befuddled about what it all means and wondering if they could embrace this path.

I decided to pen those discoveries into a great resource that you can digest and begin your own journey.

I’m glad that you’re going to get it in your hands today!

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