When I got the invitation to speak at TEDx Abayi, I was informed that speakers wouldn’t be paid.

Well, since I knew that it would be an opportunity to bless people in Nigeria and around the world, contributing my voice to changing a few narratives in the thought leadership space, I accepted to cater for myself.

I contacted a friend of mine who is a Jumia consultant to help me book a hotel in Aba. He did – Victoria City Hotel, Aba.

Being that I wanted to stay close to the venue of the TEDx, I’d asked him to find a 4-star at least.

By the time he sent me pictures of the room, my heart was sold. The pictures showed an expansive room with a table and chair. I wanted to work for the 3 days I’d stay in Aba.

Being that I’d done many smooth bookings online, I never bothered getting in touch with the hotel staff. I assumed all would go smoothly.

The movement from Port Harcourt to Aba was enough to dislocate an ailing hip, so you can imagine how I needed to settle in and rest a bit before proceeding to the venue for rehearsals.

I got to the reception and presented the email confirming my booking from Jumia.

The receptionist said she didn’t know anything about online booking. I was stunned.

I demanded to see the manager. When he came, he told me he was the owner of the hotel.

“Oga, anyi enweedi email. Anyi anoghi Facebook ma ofodukwa WhatsApp. Elee nke wu Jumia? Hapu ihe online ndia, alaikihim ego feem online ndia.”

Translated into English, it means, “Oga, we don’t have email. We’re not on Facebook, not to talk of WhatsApp. Which one is Jumia? Please leave all these online things, I don’t like the film money online.”

My mouth hung open. He asked me to call whomever he felt had duped me under the guise of booking a hotel for me.

I quickly put a call across to my friend who called someone in Jumia. A few minutes later, I was called by someone from Jumia who asked me to wait a while.

Boy, I was almost collapsing on my feet. Even though I had an option of picking a taxi and scouting for another hotel around, I just wasn’t in the mood.

I fished out cash and paid for a room, pending the time Jumia sorted the issue of refunds.

The guy from Jumia later called and asked me to send an email. I did. A few minutes later, I got a reply concerning my refund.

Startlingly, my refund would be processed in 5 days. What a process!

As I write this email to you, I’m yet to get the refund.

How the hotel that has no email got on Jumia’s list of hotels, I can’t say.

And for a supposed 4-star hotel, I think those who gave them a 4-star need to be schooled in ratings.

You see, in our world, a lot of dislocations have occurred. Many are occurring as you read. Many more will occur!

[shareable]What’s your own role in helping to bring a few things to order for harmony?[/shareable]

At TEDx Abayi, I listened to all the speakers.

Chidindu Mmadu-Okoli shared her voice on Narrative Medicine : The Power of Storytelling & The Future of Healthcare. Many people found it surprising that patients could be stakeholders in their own care process.She spelt out the roles of practitioners seeing their patients as the hero of the healthcare story.

She’s championing the cause to cure the brokenness.

Mr. Akudinobi Tony George Chidi is a visual thinker. Founder of the Hammer Head group, he spoke of the Echoes of The African Heartsong. His speech was satirical, deep and called for serious reflection on how to forestall the depravity in the lives of the youth due to the lost art of critical thinking.

He’s championing that cause to cure that brokenness.

Laiza Elizabeth, a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about community building. She share her thoughts on Erasing Limitations. Having seen her life hit by a muscular/nerve health issue, she rose about the limitation to shoot her resolve to the sky.

She’s championing the cause to cure that brokenness.



Look around your life.

In the arena of thought leadership, to be able to truly dominate…

You need a worldview – what you’re passionate about and this is dependent on what you’re gifted with, your knowledge acquired, your experiences and expertise.

You need community. Your success is amplified within the context of community. You need people, else you can’t go far.

[shareable]Community is like the elders who raised Moses’ hand to win the war.[/shareable]

However, it all starts by being able to rise and lead and champion a cause.

You need boldness to do this, silencing the drowning daggers of idiocy thrown by humans who aren’t keen on attacking the status quo.

That’s why mental agility is key.

You MUST be confident because in building a community, you MUST express optimism in the vision you’re projecting so that you can inspire confidence in them.

When you’ve sorted all the above out, you’re ever ready to build community for when community arises, your vision expands and things will not be so much in your hands.

To your success!