Elements Of Hypnotic Content Creation For Social Media Domination


Today, while doing a strategy session with a client at home, he saw my schedule for the month of January, 2018.

I’ve been speaking every weekend all through this month at various events. He marvelled and asked me how I was working to be that resourceful.

I told him that my journey started right on social media. In 2011 I wanted to publish my first book (by the way I’ve authored 11 books since then) I sent the script to Destiny Image, USA.

They told me to write to their sister company in Italy because they don’t publish Nigerians.

I did.

Destiny Image Europe wrote me back to say I was an economic risk to them. They’d checked me out on social media and found that though I had some presence, I had very minimal followership.

That project fell through because the money was huge, not that I couldn’t pay, but the prices for the books would have made it difficult for me to sell them, being a first time author.

It was during that dilemma that I experienced an epiphany. I got to work one day and while I was peeping into Facebook, I made an oath to dominate there and grow an occultic followership so that I’d be in demand.

For 5 years I grew. For 5 years I rose daily to share my thoughts on social media – Facebook and Twitter. Till date, no day passes that I don’t share content on Facebook. By 2014 I’d gotten clients off Facebook who paid me consistently to work for them.

By 2015 I’d started making an equivalent of the salary I was making at SAIPEM. By 2016 I resigned to focus fully on this path.

Each day, I wake and work from home on my laptop – sharing content, going virtual coaching, emailing my followers on my emailing list, connecting with clients virtually and coordinating activities in my Facebook group.

The benefits are many. Let me list a few.


 Ease. It’s easier to join the networks. There’s no entry barrier. All you need is access to the Internet and a smartphone. A laptop is great, but quite optional in many cases. You can sign up today on any social network and get active.

It’s easy to go viral. Going viral means the spread of content. When you share content that people find worthy and useful, they share it. They share it to eyes and ears that you may never meet in life, drawing those eyes and ears to the blessedness of your offerings and turning them into paying clients.

Social media amplifies your voice and aids reciprocity. Last December, I made a post for people to help me raise N70, 000 to support a woman whose business needed to be shored up financially. In about 5 days, we raised N251, 000. That’s amplification.

Remember the fuel subsidy protests and the uprisings in Libya, Tunisia and currently Iran?

Social media amplifies your voice so that it pierces into places you’d not be able to reach physically.

Now, you don’t need to go on radio and TV to pay huge sums (though that’s good), but with a small budget you can broadcast the virtues of your business and have your message reach thousands of people. Since 2012 I’ve NEVER done fliers for any of my events, seminars or trainings. Social media is my greatest ally.


Profiling and Branding.

Here’s where many people miss it.

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You see, your business needs prospects and clients, but there has to be an attraction. Bees aren’t attracted to horseshit, but to honey.

On social media you’ve got to position appropriately so that people are attracted to what you do and what your business represents. A typical way that I know that someone doesn’t understand profiling is when I look at your bio.

A look at your bio should immediately convey the message you bear or the offerings of your business.

So when I see people write “Jesus freak”, “God’s darling” or cluster it with a plethora of titles, that’s a social media disaster/misnomer. A look at my own bio on Facebook will instantly show you who I am and how I offer to help my audience/prospect/clients.  It’s clear, concise, straightforward. That attracts the people I want to serve with my offerings.

Say for example, you’re into makeup, your bio can read.. “With my hands I’ll turn your face and body into an alluring beauty that turns heads in a room!” That shows your clients your offer of help instantly, drawing them into your coffers.

A simple equation to help you define your brand statement for your bio can is Who are you?  + Who do you serve? + How do you serve them?


Fix in the sentences and you’re good to go!

Your business exists to solve problems for a certain group of people. You’re not here for the whole world. That’s the mistake a lot of business folks make, thinking their business is to serve everyone.

On social media, you’ve got to attract the kinds of prospects that you have to serve and can pay you. They MUST be WILLING and ABLE to PAY your business! Anything else is bollocks.

If you’re on social media for business, know that’s it a ruthless run to serve your clients. I’m not there to play. Neither should you!

You’ve got to be selective of who you accept as friends or what you project so you don’t attract the wrong prospects. For example, I don’t accept your folks below 28 as friends because they’re still undergrads who can’t afford to pay me N3000 for my books.

So, if you’re into selling baby pads here, your ideal clients are nursing mothers. You have no business filling your friend’s list or followers mostly with men who have potbelly. That’s misguided targeting!


Content Creation and Psychology. Your business exists to serve humans!

Even if you serve companies, it’s still humans in companies that make deals with you, not machines.

Have you ever gotten on Facebook and you see someone consistently writing, “For your plates and spoons for your weddings, please call us on 08035….”? Everyday, the person rises to write the same thing and share on her Facebook timeline.

I’m a conversational hypnotist by training. It means that if you visit my timeline, I enchant and entrance you with words so that you’re hooked on my timeline to read my post from the first headline to the end.

Content, by way of definition, is information that is packaged in a strategic way to convey ideas, ideologies, systems, processes and strategies. The essence is to inspire new ways of thinking and trigger result-oriented actions. And for me as a businessman, that trigger has to draw them in so that they patronise me.


Let me share some elements of content creation.

 A. The hook. Your content has to hook your reader or listener. I do a lot of emails to my list.

My hook is usually my headlines. My headlines attract them with the curiosity that a rat wants to smell fish and gets hooked.

Let me share a few headlines with you. Check the screenshot below.

Whether you’re doing a video or audio content, your opening lines must hook your readers. That’s hypnosis at the basic level.

It may amaze you to know that leading orators, including foremost religious leaders like Joel Osteen, Chris Oyakhilome, and Paul Adefarasin are master hypnotists. Their words enchant and entrance you to listen to them and leave you with a thrill on your system. That’s what draws thousands to them.


The second element is Promise. What does your content promise?

So let’s say you’re a makeup artist. What do you promise? Just makeup?  Noooo.  At this point, understand that people are dealing with pains, biases, emotional experiences, challenges, and objections. It’s your role to knock off those negatives and show them the way to Eldorado.  So, as a makeup artist, you should not always be writing content about them going to you for makeup.

Connect the makeup to an emotional appeal or experience. So if you share content how your makeup made a lady who was becoming estranged from her husband to become the apple of his eyes once more, that’s an emotional appeal.

If you share content how the stilettoes you sell made a short woman to receive the grace of height, wooing the eyes of her bosses with her swaying curves and gait, getting her confidence hitting the roof and curing her favours, that’s the emotional appeal that makes them want to buy stilettos.


Finally, the third element is Call To Action. A CTA is the decisive oath you create for them to follow.
Let me share an example.

By sharing that, I triggered curiosity. Now, see the comments below.

My intention was to ‘drag’ people into my emailing list. In my email list, I own their attention and target them precisely with messages and offers.

That simple sentence “Tomorrow via email” is a CTA, but disguised. You have to become adept at making your prospects take certain actions. The actions may be to reach out to you or buy something or sign for a training. It has to be a decisive action on their path, led by you.

In wrapping up this exposition, you’ve got to choose the channels where your exploits will be concentrated on.

If your works are mainly visual like makeup, clothes, selling shoes, Instagram and Facebook should be your playground.

If you are decision makers and shapers of thought, consider Twitter and Facebook.

If you’re dealing with women who are stay at home mums, Instagram and Facebook are the real deal.


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