Launching Your Book With A Team of People Makes It Easy


Writing a book is a thrilling adventure. It’s so beautiful to see your finished book in your hands. The real deal starts when you want people to buy and read the books you’ve written and published.

Sadly, many aspiring authors wait for their books to come out and then commence shouting about them.They feel their books are like pregnancies and that when the baby arrives, everybody will rally round to rejoice. That’s the recipe for frustration. I took that route with my first book and it was hellish.

This year, I decided to write 12 books. Over the years, I’ve grown in my craft as a writer. I’ve become a businessman in the writing industry. I’m all about strategies that work. When I commence writing a book, I’m thinking systems, distribution, marketing, and sales.

One of the effective strategies to ensure that your book gets the visibility that it needs and rakes in the money from sales is by utilising a launch team.

On 17th of February I set up a launch team of 98 people with an overarching objective – make the launch of my book, ADDICTED TO WRITING,  a resounding success. We created the hashtag #AddictedToWriting which trended on Twitter on a certain day. With a couple of strategies like 50% off, tiered sales, and tagging for winning, the dough rolled in.

By way of definition, a launch team is a hand­picked group of people who are willing and eager to help an author market his/her book and ensure a successful book launch.

A launch team can

help you read your unedited manuscript and offer suggestions. 
– help you spread word about your book. 
– help your personal brand as an author to go viral. 
…and lots more.

Each week, the team is given tasks. Their support will be (and not restricted) in the areas :

  1. To elicit creative ideas that can lead to a successful launch.
  2. Connect with influencers you can reach out to that can help the cause.
  3. Commit a time in the day to the group’s activities and spreading word.
  4. Contribute their specialized skills that will add value to the team.

Raising a launch team takes a couple of steps.

A. Create a post that will be shared using all the channels available to you – WhatsApp, email, social media, Facebook messenger bots, and SMS.

B. Create a blog post or a landing page that contains what the launch will be about. This will make the objective clear to the one who wants to join the team.

C. Create a list of the objectives for the launch team and also what you will offer them in return. For me, I offered them a free copy of my book, access to me to help answer your burning questions in their areas of endeavour, 50% off the fees for my live events for the year 2017, affiliate of the system I’m building that gives you 50% of sales proceeds from the sales of my works.

D. Create a link that routes them from the landing page or blog post to the emailing list. It’s important that they join a mailing list. You can email them the tasks for each week. Also, after the campaign, you will maintain an ongoing relationship with them. An ongoing relationship can lead to investments in your future products.

E. Create a Facebook group where all activities will take place for the one month of the campaign.

E. Set up the emailing process to be automated. Once they get through the link, they receive an email that tell them everything they need to know about the launch team and a link to the Facebook group.

F. Commence the launch team activities. Each week they’re presented with different tasks that market, promote and sell your book before it is fully launched to the public.

Now, I know that all the above may be so daunting. It involves a lot more that this post can contain.

I’ve decided to walk ONLY 15 persons through this entire process.

I shall hand over to you the exact templates, processes, tasks, leadership and guidance that you need to launch your own team and achieve success with your book.

On Monday, 17th of July, I shall hold the hands of these 15 persons and walk them through the same process so that they can launch their books with a team and experience phenomenal process.


Join the 15 Persons NOW!never launch without a team!