There are a thousand and one reasons jump onto the lane of entrepreneurship.

Between the swings of the pendulum from the extremely mundane to extremely puritanical, businesses are born daily.

For the purpose of this discourse, I shall focus on the business of your expertise and how to discover it. Discovering your expertise and how to turn it into a thriving business is the first thing. It’s your own blue egg.

The first strategy is through contemplative introspection.

This is a journey to the deep recesses of yourself to ask pertinent questions. It’s what Mother Theresa described as “finding the call within the call.”

What do you love to do?

What do you feel passionate about?

What comes to you naturally? What are the things you do with such deftness of skill? Cleaning the house, washing clothes, weaving hairs, or fixing broken things?

What activities do you love to engage in with so much gusto? Running, singing (even if it’s in the shower), reading or writing?

The answers you’ve jotted down contain within them a list of possibilities.

However, within the plethora of possibilities screaming at you, there’s the one that screams loudest in the now! Use your emotions. Pay attention to them because they offer very important information. Examine them. Explore them.

The second strategy is by tapping the strings of God’s heart and picking his mind.

For three years I kept asking God questions. “What am I called to do here on earth?”

In 2011 his voice boomed in my heart. “You have a voice to speak and hands to write. Use them to bless humanity.”

I know my gifts – writing and speaking. I’ve nurtured them into great skills. Your gifting is tied to your purpose on earth. “A successful gift balance the art of talent and the business of talent,” so says a quote.

To do the business of your expertise, you need to know your personality that will guarantee success. “Talent and skill don’t guarantee superior manifestation. It’s what the soul of many harbours.” ~ Tylor Ilori

You’ve got to have an unflinching belief that you’ve got the wherewithal to pull this off. It’s the power of belief. Believe that you can and so shall it be. Nobody can take that away from you.

To provide a solution, your expertise must be expressed as a product. It has to be relatable. Your expertise is tied to solving a problem of humanity – food, employment, sexual needs, environmental sanity and technicality.

Businesses leverage on chaotic systems. Leverage on this principle with your expertise. Your expertise must be packaged into something relatable which people can pay for. For a writer, it’s his book or blog posts. For a public speaker, it’s his podcasts or seminars. For a singer, it’s his album.

Packaging serves to appeal to human senses of touch, feel, smell, sight and taste. Never neglect this!

Sculpting your expertise takes diligence, creativity, and time. Invest in those and be a WOW brand. Creativity doesn’t mean being like Einstein, but tweaking something like a bottle shape can appeal to a customer.

Your expertise must be made visible to be traded with. You’re a brand. Shout it. Be visible to the audience who matter to your expertise and can pay for it. Tell your friends, church members, family, and colleagues at work. Create and give away tasters like demo CDs, PDFs of books, coaching and counselling sessions.

Utilise social media to go viral. It’s the new village square. Blog consistently about your expertise, not in a narcissistic sort of way, but in a way that teaches and guides.

Growth should be organic. Don’t rush or bite large chunks that can choke you. As you grow, utilise more expensive means like radio, TV, handbills, and billboards.

You’ve got to stretch your creativity to unearth unconventional ways of making your voice heard. Visibility is essential to get the goods out of the warehouse into the hearts of people. Don’t hype. People will see through your product in the long run. If you think that your product can actually shave hairs so well, let it shave a gorilla’s!

The following questions are pertinent to earn from your expertise.

Who are the customers? Where are they? How much do they have? How will you find them? How will they find you? Why you? What makes you special?