“I’m not in this for money. I’m on the earth to give value.”¬†

Many times I’ve heard people, especially starters in the intellectual space, utter the words above. When queried, you’ll find that those words veil the desire to be wealthy, a consequence of a religious tainting of the concept of money. It often comes across as a subtle plea put in the face of prospects with the intent to pull down a universal psychological obstacle premised on how people relate with money and expenditure.

While it may sound righteous, I can say with all confidence that money is needed for us to function effectively, preparing and disseminating our messages to as many eyes and ears as possible. A healthy relationship with the concept of money, its place and function in the conduct of the business of thought leadership.

[shareable]We need money. We need income. We need money to effect change in the world. [/shareable]

Given, thought leaders operate from different perspectives, modes of operation and planes, if you’re serious about effectively changing the world with your expertise, gifting, knowledge or experiences, building a business around your core message is pretty essential. I can say that it is a topmost priority. The systems you put in place help to make income generation a smooth process.

[shareable]As you morph from one phase of our business to the next, increasing your income should become a rabid fixation. [/shareable]


Below are four things you can begin to do today to increase your capacity to earn more :

Become vicious at showcasing.

Thought leadership thrives on content creation and publishing. Content can be in form of videos or written formats.

There are five elements in content creation that are instrumental to achieving success and the desired objectives. They are HOOK, PROMISE, IMPORTANCE, STRATEGY/PROCESS and CALL TO ACTION. All these elements are equally important, but unfortunately, a lot of thought leaders stop at the fourth element.

They are fearful to tell people to buy their products. Perhaps, this could be due to some form of warped ideology concerning money, as I stated above. Perhaps, they feel doing so is being too forward, relinquishing power in the hands of others to blow their trumpets. It doesn’t work that way always.

Humanity needs you, and for those desperately in need of a change, they’ll definitely buy, but if you don’t hang the “We’re open for business” banner, they’ll slide by.

A great way to call out to people could be by asking them to sign in to receive a great resource or outrightly offering them to buy a product of yours that can solve a thorny problem in their lives.

Raise the value of your offerings.

[shareable]The higher the value you offer to humanity, the higher the attraction, and the higher the income you earn.[/shareable]

Raising your value is expanding the bandwidth of your thought processes leading up to the peculiarity of the solutions you bring.

This may mean leaving the markets you used to serve. When I made up my mind to serve humanity utilising my gift, I started off earning by creating content for personal brands. Over time, I realised it took much of my time and the pay was less compared to the fruitful and exciting journey of helping clients get rewards during coaching experiences.

I earned more because I upped the value I was bringing. I immersed myself in learning coaching methodologies, grasping the intricate processes of journeying into people’s minds to crumble retrogressive beliefs, while unmasking the greatness within them that has hitherto been covered by the defeatist patterns. That was valuable and it increased my income earning capacity.

Connect. Collaborate. Develop intimacy with other thought leaders.

We are humanity. We exist for one another because no one has all solutions to the challenges of humanity embedded in his or her belly. We ought to link arms with others and create a strengthened approach.

Developing intimacy with others is a mark of susceptibility. Susceptibility is based on trust. Trust is built upon consistency, value, and honesty. By showing up to do your work with zeal and consistency, you create an aura in which trust becomes the alluring scent that draws others to you. It becomes easier to link arms.

I can say that by doing this, the attraction you get is a conspiracy of the universe. It’s spiritual.

Over the weekend, I tasted the spiciness of this parameter in my journey when a trusted authority I reverence so much, Deji ‘DJ” Sobanjo, CEO of Profit From Coaching, reached out to me. Having learnt at his feet on two occasions and done exchanges with him, I promoted his free trainings leading up to the premium course he was offering. We fleshed details and it led to a Facebook Live. After the session, we had 11 sales in less than 24 hours. Being a JV approach, we earned from that outing.

Mind you, I had promoted the session in just 2 posts. Imagine if I had done a campaign that ran into 7 days or month?


Embrace the digital lane!

If there’s nothing else that I am overly joyful about, it’s because the digital world has given me such powers that I often joke about as being omnipotent and omnipresent like God. The digital lane has given our ideas and thoughts an evergreen appeal.

This blog post you’re reading stays here for as long as I deem fit and as long as the life of this blog remains. It can be dug up 20 years from now, rejigged, upgraded, and served back to you without the hassles of printing and dissemination.

[shareable]You don’t have an excuse anymore to be your own superstar. The limiting constraint is you! [/shareable]

The beauty of the digital space is that you can earn while you sleep. By setting up your structure, you set your outreaches (especially on social media) on autopilot and relax.

Here’s my strategy for my ebooks for 2017, as a typical example. I intend to write 12 ebooks, a book every month. At the beginning of every month, I put out a design and begin to create anticipation, raising desire in the hearts of my readers. I also create Facebook ads around the first phase – the preselling. If I am to sell an ebook for say $10, I set up a landing page for the preselling at $5, effectively getting sales, and also capturing the emails of buyers who will eventually get the ebook when it becomes available for sale at the actual amount of $10.

When the book becomes available for sale, I pull down the presell landing page and set up the sales page for the actual amount of $10. With a payment plugin set up, the whole process is automated. You land on the sales page through a source (Twitter, Facebook ad, or post), you pay, you are taken to the page to key in your details to receive the ebook, you check in your email and click a link to download. Voila!

To rake in more sales, I can add a OTO (One Time Offer) to the Thank You page. Those are offers that also solve thorny problems – like gaining authority on social media in 3 months or dealing with the fear of creation or customer acquisition in a minute.

There’s a limitation to your physical body. I experienced this some weeks back. Prior to resigning and focusing fully, I’d enjoyed travelling. Last month, being in four different states, travelling on both good and bad roads, my body took a beating. If your body has to be in place for you to deliver your awesomeness, it’s a limitation. The digital vehicles can rescue you from this dilemma.

By delivering products in multiple formats – audio, visual, audiovisual, written formats as PDF documents – you reach a variety of clients, delivering awesome solutions that wow their hearts and give rest to their challenges. That way you can reach more people than you think of. As a consequence, your income receives an exponential rise.

Here’s raising a glass of wine to your increase earnings!


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