On the 21st of May I posted in my Facebook group for writers : I want to gift a very active member of this group with a N1,000 recharge card. Who will it be?

In a matter of minutes, comments flooded the post, but one caught me viciously in my jugular. I’ll share the exchange we had.

Him : Just passing, being active or not, it’s grace that makes the difference. 
Me : Please explain the “grace” you mean? 
Him : For someone to win any gesture is a primary function of grace.
Me : So sorry. Not always true. You have to do the work. Grace will not save you when you’re lazy. 
Him : Yeah you’re right, but there is more to that. Grace perfects our works. Grace doesn’t need much work. It is a catalyst. 
Me : And that was taught you by who? So with grace will you win this recharge card? 
Him : Yeah, even more than the recharge card.
Me : Sorry to tell you that for this one of this night, you will not. Grace will not get you this one. Start being active and not acting on grace. Comment. Post. Connect. Participate.  
Him : Grace will always fetch me whatever I desire. 
Me : So sorry, not this one. 


After that conversation, I spent a few minutes pondering over his responses. I was flummoxed, to say the least. I wondered how he had embraced such an ideology while marvelling at the viciousness with which he clutched to it and defended it also.

When you read the passage in the Bible where Jesus told Peter and his men to throw in their nets one more time, a few observations popped up in my mind.

Those guys toiled all night and caught nothing. Boy, they were hard workers. Working all night isn’t an easy feat. Imagine throwing in nets again and again and yet pulling out nothing. But why did they catch nothing? Was there some form of undercurrent that made the fishes move away?

When Jesus came onto the scene and asked them to throw in the net, they obeyed. Obedience is a beautiful virtue. It was that virtue that stood out distinctly, overwhelmingly attributing to their call to ministry. A lot of preachers have interpreted the message as God’s favour, consequently, downplaying the place of hard work.



This postulation has truly messed a lot of lives up. It is breeding a lot of Christians who don’t see hard work as a virtue, but uphold favour as the sole factor for success.

In a nation like Nigeria where factories that have shut down are being bought over by Pentecostal churches and turing them into church auditoriums, what do we say to the economic activities of the nation?

In a nation where favour and grace have been so preached as being superior to hard work and thinking, is it any wonder that on a street of less than 500 living souls, 10 churches are found and members pray in the mornings on Mondays, Tuesdays Wednesdays and Thursdays?

God is now making lots of people lazy!

The lazy person is the one who prays and prays and hopes and hopes, but doesn’t implement the ideas s/he received during prayer.

The lazy person is the one who thinks that hard work is a necessary evil.

The lazy person is the one who refuses to brainstorm for solutions to problems, but says everything should be done by the Holy Spirit.

In this scintillating piece of instructive work, Sandra Oma Etubiebi “shakes” many religious tables.

In this work that prescribes a healthy combination of faith in God and large doses of hard work, it aims to steady the deadly undercurrent that’s making a mockery of faith and true spirituality.

In this 136-page book, she ignites the curiosity of a reader with a statement that is as instructive as it is worth reflecting on. Many have mistaken their spiritual identity as an excuse for nonperformance, frigidity, and laziness.

The first chapter starts with the author’s listing of how active she was in church. She was very active in many departments in church.  No one could call her lazy. One fateful morning, she woke with a distaste, totally appalled at the waste, loss, and a frightening feeling of despondency. With school fees unpaid, no petrol in the generator and car, her existence was a complete irony.

How could one profess to be a Christian with all the beautiful promises in the Bible, yet be a template of scorn because of a poor, nonchalant, sickly, beggarly, and deplorable lifestyle?

That question was the call to raise the curtain. Her analysis bore the evidence that the issue wasn’t God, but a reluctance to take responsibility for a life God had given so freely.

The author’s journey from that point of realisation to a full embrace of her greatness and eventual conversion of her gifts into productive gemstones fills the book with hope, joy, and sparks of brilliance.

God is not the one to be blamed, but you!

This book is a wakeup call to you as Christian. It’s a like a mirror that shoots back into your face the failures you’ve experienced because of your indolence, but provides the right triggers that you need to shoot to the zenith of your human capacities, undergirded by the beauty of God’s blessings.

Sandra is a Christian who believes Christianity should portray the excessive excellencies of God in everything work, play or church.

Sandra has worked in Project Management as support lead for NGOs and Organizations with CSR initiatives to deplore several social and health programs such as the Child Learning Assisted (CLASS) Program, National Sickle Cell Walk for Life (NSCWL) program, the Maternal Education for Child Survival program, Street Clean-ups for Nigeria @50 among others.

She counsels, teaches and mentors teenagers in four different countries across Africa.

In recognition of her transformative work in the lives of people, programs and processes, she received the 2017 HRL Prince Saka Dbosz Junior Merit Award for Excellence in Leadership and Mentoring.

Sandra has a penchant for productivity, performance, and profit.

She writes against laziness, lethargy, and loss.

She is a wife and also a mother to four fantastic girls.

Today, Sandra is releasing a fantastic literary work that will bless humanity through and through.

“Is God Making You Lazy?” has debuted.



Many mistake their spiritual identity as an excuse for nonperformance, frigidity, and laziness. It begs the question, “Is God Making You Lazy?”

Where’s the meshing point between favour and hard work?

Are there things to leave for God and things we should do as humans?

Find out in IS GOD MAKING YOU LAZY? today.

You can still be strong successful and still spiritual. It is time to let go of everything that stops you from flying. Live your best life NOW!

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