J1Q, Sunday 27th December, 2015

Answers To 5 Questions From My Family

Question 1. I just finished NYSC 3 months ago and the hard truth is a job isn’t coming anytime soon and right now am at a challenging point. I don’t know what to do, how to start and all of that. This “fulfilling purpose thing” how does one go about it?

Your challenge is not peculiar. Having finished youth service, expectations are that you get a job and starting earning income. That is conventional mindset in Nigeria.

Let me briefly attempt to address the issue of purpose here.


When you are engaged in an enterprise that is geared to serve humanity in ways that are illuminating, transforming, recreational, or profitable, you are serving your purpose per time. Purpose is not purportedly a religious engagement where a voice booms from the heavens to tell you one specific activity to engage in.Purpose is a doing word. When you engage in an activity that truly sits in your heart and that helps others find meaning in their lives, you’re living a purpose. Just like products we buy in the market that solve different needs, your life’s endeavour can solve needs of others. By committing passionately to that cause, you’re living your purpose.

It’s great knowing that you’re a graduate and you’ve studied a particular course. Having experienced the difficulty in getting a job, I think that you should consider turning what you know into a business that can earn for you.

Alternatively, if you’re talented in an area that is not what you studied at the university, have you considered turning it into a profitable enterprise? Can you write? Can you speak in public? Can you bake cakes? Can you make clothes? Can you do graphic design or fine art? Can you weave tapestries?

I’m sure that you have read countless stories of individuals who have put their degrees aside to utilise their talents profitably. I am a living example of that, having studied engineering at the university.

More so, the online world can be profitably tapped as a vehicle for pecuniary rewards. By building a system and setting up processes around the need that you can solve for others, you can build an empire that can serve others and you.

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Question 2. “How did you get to the point where you knew that you’re to serve just thought leaders?”

Many folks are in a haze as regards what thought leadership really means. A thought leader is one who is an expert in a topic that is an inch and mile deep. Thought leaders are people who deeply understand the business they’re in. By business, I mean an enterprise ( a vehicle of conveyance) that sells an ideology which changes the face of humanity.

If you’ve got unique insights to share, if you’ve internalised lessons that can be translated into your own relatable experience, then you’re a thought leader.

Thought leaders package ideas in formats to change the way people think. They’re not only talking, they’re doing things and teaching others how to do it. When you figure out how to solve a problem and teach others how to solve their own problems, you’re a thought leader.

As I progressed both as a writer and a coach, I realised that I could help individuals put clarity to their message, advise them on how to embrace the right channels for the sharing of their ideologies and also to earn by doing so. So when individuals who were confused, scared and doubtful came to me and I put them through the process and system I had developed and they got amazing results, I knew that it was my true mission.

Today, that’s what my blog exists to do. I’m fully committed to doing that.

Question 3 : “How can I avoid procrastination in all areas of my life?” 

Procrastination is a general disease that affects all humans. Welcome to the club. Even the most creative folks often procrastinate. The most common form of procrastination is hitting the alarm clock when it rings in the morning and putting off waking up from bed. We all put off tasks into the future – replies to emails, visitations to loved ones, writing that appraisal for our subordinates or submitting that proposal for ratification. We postpone it by a minute, then thirty minutes, and then hours and eventually we notice that days have gone past. Sadly, we hit ourselves so hard with so much guilt as if that will be the needed catalyst for our getting off our butt and actually doing what it takes to get results.

Let me give you 3 ways that you can employ to quit procrastination.

Do the hard tasks first. I found out that this works very well. At the beginning of the day, delving into the really tough ones headlong often leaves us on a high because of the joy of achievement. When we have done the hard ones, the easier ones seem like eating ice-cream.

For me, my energy levels are usually high in the morning and it’s purely commonsensical that I use it shift the big boulders off the way before settling down to much easier tasks.

Our tasks are different and what may be hard for me may be quite easier for you, so don’t depend on             someone else’s benchmark to categorise yours. Find those tasks that give you mental ‘stress’ and tackle them first when your energy level is very high.

Break up tasks into smaller chunks. I’ve often seen writers preach to other writers about how they write 500 – 1000 words per day. To many that’s an uphill task and can be downright daunting. If that path seems arduous, don’t go eating the whole meal. Do so can freeze your brain and get you into a ruckus that overwhelms you. The alternative? Break them down into smaller chunks.

If you want to write, start with writing a few words, say 100. Do it daily for a week or so and then increase the number. That’s how to sustain the tempo and enthusiasm. Don’t let anyone convince you that doing huge things at once is a hallmark of success. Know that we are on different paths.

Schedule your daily tasks on apps. In these days of ubiquity of apps, there are so many apps that can help improve your productivity. By feeding in your tasks on a daily basis and setting reminders, they help you make the most of the day.

I use Todoist, available for a free download on www.todoist.com. It helps me to load the tasks I want to do on a daily basis. When I wake up, I look through my device for the day’s tasks and then go ahead to tackle them. What’s more, it gives me a boost when the app gives me a pass mark for finishing my tasks for the day.  This tool is such a phenomenon.


Question 4 : “How can I make $700,000.00 (which is equivalent to one talent as revealed by Steve Harris, the Edge-Executioner) legally and genuinely on or before December 31, 2016?”

Making such an amount of money is feasible and it depends on the type of business system that you have in place. The amount of money you haul in is equivalent to the problem you solve. Real estate, oil exploration and mining

Depending on the type of talent you have, a launch of a digital product can bring in massive amounts of money in that range. However, it takes adequate planning and strategy to do so. Online launches become successful when the resource has shown proof of benevolence, gained trust through his works, and creation of funnels that can stimulate such investiture by buyers. Setting up this system takes a lot work, but one that is possible.

I’d love you to consider being part of EMBRYONIC if you truly desire to utilise your talent to earn remarkable income.

Question 5 : “How do I use the massive traffic on my blog to generate income?”

Generating income from your blog can come in a few ways.

The money is in the list. By using squeeze pages (set up for lead magnets that you offer) every visitor becomes a subscriber when they download your lead magnet on your blog. They get fed into your automated emailing system through which you consistently feed them with valuable content. By doing so, you gain trust, credibility and expertise among them so much so when you launch products, they buy.

Automating your profit pulling system can earn you remarkable revenue. For example, when someone becomes a subscriber on your blog via a lead magnet, they being to receive automated emails that indoctrinate them about what your business offering is about, present them with upsells and convert them from prospects into paying customers.  When you do launches of digital products through strategic planning, you can earn lots of revenue.

By selling adverts on your blog you can also rake in great income. If you have massive traffic on your blog, then that’s a leverage already that can be used to attract brands to advertise on your blog. Prepare proposals and pitch to organizations who have products that align with your the theme of your blog. Hopefully, you shall win some deals.


Thanks to everyone who sent in questions. I couldn’t have answered all of them, but just 5. Next J1Q will be on January 29th, 2016.




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