Grandmother’s stories titillated our hearts to no end. Our compound in the village housed the three different families that made up my extended family, fenced in by high concrete walls. At the middle stood a native pear tree, called ube in our native language.

It was under this ube tree that we gathered almost every night during the festive seasons. With the sun firmly tucked into bed, the moon peering at us through the spaces in the leafy canopy, all the grandchildren who had come home semi-circled her. We had the chirps of crickets, the flapping sounds of the wings of nocturnal birds, and the distant croaks of frogs in semi-dry shallow wells in neighbouring homes as company. Sitting on a low wooden stool, Mama’s belly fed our excited minds with bowls and bowls of native stories.

Kajovo’s book triggered nostalgic feelings in me when I read the first two pages. It reminded me of my predilection for the stories of sojourners told by Mama. Ojadili was my favourite character because of his antics.

Ojadili would travel across seas and lands in search of treasures hidden in the crevices of the earth. What fascinated me most was the feast thrown by his family on his return; delicious culinary delights prepared from the wild animals he killed on his journeys. Mama was so graphic with her portrayal of his escapades.



Kajovo is the quintessential Ojadili. However, instead of hunting animals, he went in search of treasures hidden in human minds. Like Ojadili, he hurled into his own life treasures he mined from the bowels of the humans he met when he embarked on a conscious journey to better his existence on this side of life.

JANUARY 9 is a book that underscores an overarching theme in the journey called life : personal development and the right network can push you to greatness.

Birthdays are often seen by many as days with a difference. Of course they are. It’s a miracle to be born into the world. The author chose no other day to gift the world with such a gift, but his birthday. Chronicling his struggles, victories, challenges and evolution, delicately spread over 42 pages of digital paper, his mission is clearly seen as you leaf through the assemblage of words.

Written without recourse to chapter outlines, an unconventional presentation that tickles the literary buds of disruptive thinkers like me, each page oozes with one principle that’s worth being emblazoned on a plaque and hung over your head, to be seen and rehearsed as a creed first thing in the morning and the last thing at night.

His journey towards intentionality started on a Tuesday evening sometime in the month of April, 2016. Undaunted by the Lagos traffic that could wring patience out of a living soul and unperturbed by his tired body that screamed for rest, he made a 2-hour journey to meet with a mastermind whom he believed had some answers that could satiate his quest. That meeting turned to be the scalpel that excised the diseased thoughts of fear and sutured his dissected thoughts together, fending off the invading mistinessthat blanketed the windscreen of his life.

From his narration of the fortuitous meeting, the preparedness Kajovo exuded is infectious. His pen made journey upon journey on his notepad, scribbling down principle after principle. As simple as these principles – have a notepad when meeting with a mastermind, be open, listen intently, and be vulnerable – are, they envelop in a nutshell the simplistic approach we can emulate in our lives to create the needed difference that will rub off on the lives of others.

From page 21, Kajovo evangelises his advocacy for trainings and personal development. Milking value through books, audiovisual materials, online or offline trainings is the way to go. He proceeds to enumerate the activities, trainings, and masterminds that have been of immense value to him. Those individuals are truly worthy of mention.

Bankole Williams, coach, trainer, therapist, and founder of Live Your Dreams Africa Masterminds, provided clarity to Kajovo on the route to maximise his multiple passions. From that experience, he learnt that what you’re looking for is in you. Apt, right? You bet.

Victor Bassey, founder of Highly Paid Experts Network, helped Kajovo to see how what he thought were pulling him apart were actually cementing elements. This shows that when you’re experiencing a lethargy of sorts, get into introspection and check those things that you feel are laggards. They could be pointers to your manifestation.

By the time I was getting close to the end, I had mantras literally screaming at me from all the pages. Above all, he firmly entrenched the belief that domiciled in humans are rare treasures waiting to be discovered. Tapping into those treasures and extracting the juices that put the shine and colour in your own life will come through a conscious intercourse with those beings.

Kajovo ends the book with very instructive commands. Commit to living your best life today. Nothing else will count. Never be afraid to fail. Invest in the right network. Don’t focus on the naysayers. Learn, learn, and learn.

Kajovo has come quite a distance on his journey. He has evolved. He keeps evolving. Today, he’s living the life of dreams, serving the world in the areas of his gifting. He can serve you, too. Find out in JANUARY 9.

Kajovo has decided to give away this beautiful piece to the world. You’re not to pay anything. All you need is to do is to download it. All you pay him for getting this piece of work to you is to read it and share it.

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