To lead a movement is the way of the greats.

Every generation experiences its own uniqueness, a dynamic that affects the way we live and interact.

Our generation is not exempt from that.

Over the years, the way humans have interacted have had great effects on the results we generate and how those affect the coming generations.

The concept of leading a movement is purely focused on having an ideology, sharing it with others, and connecting with as many souls that buy into the ideology.

From Martin Luther King to Adolf Hitler, from Nelson Mandela to Barack Obama, from Odimegwu Ojukwu to Bola Tinubu, from Steve Jobs to Nnamdi Kanu of IPOB.

National and business leaders who understand the core of this dynamic are the ones who are winning in our times.

It’s not longer about jutting out and giving commands, it’s about connecting with the hearts of people and emotionally driving them to achieve the goals that are ecological. By “ecological” I mean results that are not harmful to the human ecosystem.

Due to the advent of social media, this concept of connection and leading communities of people who are connected to an ideology has intensified. Once you stand up to project an ideology that elevates human experience and communicate such even from the comfort of your bedroom, you will become the leader that people want to follow.

As a person, I had an ideology that was born out of my frustration of being caged in by retrogressive paradigms at work, religious rituals, and society. I began asking questions and wanted to help others to deal with the same because I knew I was a microcosm of such battles.

I desired to rise to lead. I embraced the digital world that would grant me access to millions of souls around without stress.

I chose the platforms available to me and began to communicate the ideologies of thought leadership with a particular emphasis on become a mystic.

By mystic, I mean looking at the workings and happening in multidimensions with the aim of critiquing and become better due to the answers you get.

Secondly, an understanding of others is paramount.

Thirdly, fusing yourself and others into the ecosystem called humanity helps you to appreciate human struggles and how to rise to lead folks out of the darkness they found themselves in to the lights of glory and success.

Understand yourself by knowing that whatever knowledge that you have today is limited. When you know this, your quest for superiority will be tempered.  We see this quest among Christians and Muslims of different denominations who project the fact that what they profess and know is the best and ultimate. Ever heard stuff like “God lives in our church and visits others.”?

Understand also that others will always have their opinion about things because their understanding is also limited, just like you. So, to you, if your spouse cheats on you sexually and you forgive her, how will you deal with someone else who says, “I will never forgive my spouse for cheating on me!”?

Understanding that all of us are part of a flawed subset called humanity helps us to appreciate the imperfection we all bear as we walk towards being better models of ourselves.

The leader who will lead beyond today will always look at things from many perspectives and not buy into the danger of a single story.  It’s a conscious and deliberate effort.

Everyone of us has what he believes in and holds dearly.  Some people don’t believe in a woman straddling her husband during sex. Some believe in tithing as a gateway to prosperity. Some also don’t believe that a woman should be the president of a nation.

The above are strong beliefs, but imagine what happens when you stand and say every other person is stupid for believing what he or she believes?

That is not to say that what we profess should not be regulated lest we harm others, but my point is that the leaders who lead beyond today work from the positions of empathy and compassion.

As long as we can lead our lives – wake daily, make decisions that affect our daily lives, drive, brush our teeth – we can lead others with our ideologies. In our different fields of endeavours, we can lead others.


Why?  It’s for simple reason – we are flawed and imperfect beings.

You can be a guru in sciences. You lead us in sciences.

You can be a guru in health. You lead us in health.

You can be a guru in tech. You lead us in tech.

You can be a guru in governance. You lead us in governance.

Go figure how to lead!


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