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One ticklish issue I’ve observed amongst those who have perceived that they have a writing gift is locking into a conjecture of deciding that they are actually writers. They have an angled viewpoint that writers are born with pens in their hands at birth, hence their ability to craft literary pieces that send tingles down the readers’ spines.

I’ve always stressed the fact that a writer isn’t just one who has been sent down from the portals of heaven to magically pen down words that men and women read and exclaim, “Ah, this one was born with the genes!”

In 2017, if there’s something you should commit to doing, it’s to write ebooks.

Do you have an expertise? B’Trix Exquisite Ajibola is an awesome makeup artist. She can ‘design’ faces for Africa, turning ladies into exquisite angels that turn the heads of men.

Do you have a skill? Okobi Maryjane is a nursing student. Her wall is filled with narratives of her experiences in hospitals.

Do you an ability? Idongesit Inyang is a banker, but he’s comical, philosophical, and a disruptor of paradigms.

I will recommend that you begin to pen down thoughts and see how to create and sell an ebook in your area of expertise. Like Toke Makinwa, you can document your life, your story, your experiences.

Ebooks are low-risk, low-cost ways of raising your influence and sharing what you know with the world. You don’t need to pander to the whims of paper book publishers. You bypass the bureaucracy of middlemen and directly reach your target audience.

A very simple way to write an ebook is to write on your laptop using MS Word or Pages (for Mac users) and then converting to PDF directly on your system. While this is a cheap route, I’ll advise that you let your work go through the eyes of a good editor. Isn’t it a nice thing to cook good food to the public so that they relish its sweetness and ask for more?

Alternatively, if you’ve got some cash, you can utilise the help of great graphic designers. This is the route I’ve utilised for my ebooks – UNCHURCHED and ANOTHER DIMENSION.

When done with the scripting, there are two ways you can sell your ebook to your target market.

One way is to use the help of big outfits like Amazon. Amazon has Amazon Kindle where you can publish for almost zero amount from the comfort of your home. With Amazon, you have the benefit of their elephantine reach online. They have a great structure and your money can be sent to you directly. However, Amazon has a convoluted pricing structure that can make you lose between 30 and 65% of your sales revenue. That’s a hefty cut on your profits.

Even though that Amazon is large, there’s a downside. You still have to do the work of promoting your ebook. That Amazon is huge doesn’t mean they will shout about your work. Tens of thousands of authors are there, so you also need to do the work to have people know your book is there. See Amazon as a big window that covers the entire breadth of the sky that your eyes can see. Can you truly see them singling out your your book for showcase? I doubt.

Because of their crowded platform, the works make prices competitive and as such, many books are pegged between $0.99 to $9.99. That means that you’re forced to stay within the boundaries, a truly stifling acceptance.

One that I recommend is doing the works yourself via your own platform. Wake me in the middle of the night and I’ll scream my voice hoarse with this. There is a whole lot you can learn if you take this route.

Let me give you example of how I plan to do mine in 2017. I plan to write 12 ebooks, all with different price tags. I use a plugin on my blog called Optimizepress. With it I can design my own landing pages and upload my ebooks there.

Many years back, I used to send my ebooks via emails after payment into my account. I was part of the process. These days, by using a payment plugin like Voguepay or Paystack (which I intend to use), people land on your page, pay with their ATM, and enter their emails and names. They’re routed to your mailing list (increasing your subscriber base so that they are journeying with you as you keep growing) and also led to the page to download your ebook. The whole process is automated to the point that you make money while sleeping.

When they go to their boxes to download via links inserted in the email, they trigger a series of automated emails I set up before the unveiling of the book. Those emails are good for indoctrination, further warming the hearts of my visitors and getting them hooked on my offerings.

One way to also earn more is by setting up a page to showcase a OTO (One Time Offer). A One Time Offer for a book on writing can be a 14-day course on how to build instant authority on social media as an author. That can be sold for say $29.95 for a book you’re selling for $10.

One way to make money before the book finally goes up for sales is preselling. So, in writing the 12 ebooks, I release the graphic for each ebook on the first day of the month and release a link to the presell page where folks go to get the book for half the fee when it is finally released.

The psychology is that people love to get stuff at 50% discount. By doing so, you can rake in lots of sales before the day the book finally goes up for sales.Awesome

When all is set, your work is now to show up and promote your works. For next year, I intend to invest a whole lot on Facebook ads. By using social media applications like Edgar and Tweetjukebox, you give virality to your campaign and earn from that ebook all through the year.

There are so many strategies, but it all boils down to being as creative as possible and engaging guerilla tactics. Yes, guerilla tactics. I’ve sold books during a wedding reception.

So, will you do ebooks in 2017?


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