What exactly is Thought Leadership?

Check out the scenario below.

You sit in church. Pastor walks up to the lectern and takes the microphone. “I had a dream last night and God spoke to me last night, audibly.”

You stiffen to attention because God’s oracle is about to speak. The mere mention of “pastor” calls your attention; a perception of holiness and abstinence from evil.

The Igbo people (that’s where I come from) exclaim, “Bekee wu agbara!” whenever a new invention arrives from abroad. It means, “The white men are spirits.”

Such exclamations accompanied the coming of the colour TV, washing machine, computer and now the internet and social media.

[shareable]Humans adore the divine. We are enamoured by the esoteric. It’s a basic wiring. [/shareable]

A perception of the divine elicits worship. This is the power that religious leaders wield.

When you so live your life as if you’re chosen by the Grand Master (God), people will choose you to lead them on the paths of greatness.

That’s why we ‘worship’ Ronaldo and Messi because we feel they came to the earth with streaks of extraordinariness installed by God himself.

So how do you get to the point where this happens to you?

It’s by becoming a thought leader.

Why? How?

A thought leader is one who is an expert in a topic that is an inch and mile deep.

Thought leadership is an enterprise, powered on the wheels of thoughts for the advancement of humanity. It’s a role for those with a heightened awareness of their divinity.

Thought leaders are people who deeply understand the business they’re in. By business, I mean an enterprise ( a vehicle of conveyance) that sells an ideology which changes the face of humanity.

If you’ve got unique insights to share, if you’ve internalised lessons that can be translated into your own relatable experience, then you’re a thought leader.

Thought leaders package ideas in formats to change the way people think. They’re not only talking, they’re doing things and teaching others how to do it.

When you figure out how to solve a problem and teach others how to solve their own problems, you’re a thought leader.

I’ve led many on the paths of expertise in writing and thought leadership based on this principle of divinity, not because of certification (the heck, I’ve got just my B.Eng in Mechanical Engineering), but because of the value my divinity embodies.

Me in Uyo

Here’s the beauty.

Ultimately, you’ll not wait around just to be picked, you lead a revolution.

However, in order for you to make your business (remember what business means from the definition above) as a thought leader worthwhile and a smash success, you need to know what the core needs, fears and desires are for the tribe – people with issues that you’re going to serve and solve.

Here’s the thing…..

Most people get this wrong, and I don’t want you to be one of them.

Where do they get it wrong, and how should you plan not to be one of them?

The series continues…

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