Freedom matters a lot.

It’s not a sweet experience to be shackled; to have the breath of a ruthless boss at the nape of your neck everyday.

Freedom is the opportunity to work in a team that makes you learn new stuff.

From time to time, organizations scale. They automate jobs that so that they can be done by workers that they don’t have to go under the rocks to find.

Hard truth is that your organization depends on you. Also, they may not depend on you. You can be offloaded at some point. Hard truth, but that’s what it is.

Many of us love to work for the big corporations and that’s cool. But in big organizations, you can be swallowed by the big fishes. Many of my friends who did their industrial training in such big organizations ended up photocopying documents and running errands for the members of staff there.

The small organizations gave us the opportunity to feel the heat. They ‘used’ us since we scaled low on the economic rating. In return, we learnt a great deal.

Find the small ones (that many not pay), but can afford you the opportunity to get your hands firmer on work that really matters. You’ll grow, get challenged, and get to earn your freedom in years to come. Simply said, you build a trail that shows the big fishes that they need to hire you.

You’ve got a skill, but turning it into a company that succeeds is a whole lot of work, so learn while you rise through the ranks of expertise and experience.


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