It was on Friday the 19th that the idea dropped.

And as usual with me, I kicked into action. I hate to be paralysed by the perfection of intent.

I decided to slash the fee of one of my books, Addicted To Writing, and using the stacking strategy, I turned value worth more than N100,000 into a bumper pack of N1000 only.

I used my WhatsApp status to share about the offer. Within a period of 2 hours, my phone filled with alerts totalling more than N50,000.

I asked my designer to do a design and shared on my Facebook timeline, bot, Instagram, and via emails.

Almost instantly, the alerts began to come in.

Between the 19th of October to the 3rd of November, 760 people took the offer. That’s a whopping N760,000 (over $2000)

All the products are digital. All 760 people got 7 of my ebooks. All 760 are currently undergoing my 15-Day Book Marketing Mastery Course7-Day Idea Generation For Writing Course, and 21-Day Social Media Mastery Course.

Everyday I wake up and with the click of two buttons, I send them materials. I didn’t automate the process because I’m loving the thrill of delivery.

A lot of my friends in the industry felt I was whack or crazy to have done so, but within the week I figured a method behind my madness.

I’ll share a few…

Firstly, digital products are created once and for all. All the digital products I’m sharing with everyone had been created a year ago. But for a few tweaks, there’s no much work being done.

One beautiful thing about digital products is that you can slam whatever fee you feel after testing the markets resistance point. So it means that a digital product of yours can from $1 to $499 and can swing in between, depending on your objective per time.

Also, I’m converting the teachings I’m delivering to them into books that will be launched next year. From my experience of having folks who bought my ebooks also buy my printed books, it’s a viable venture.

Secondly, I needed to test what people will not find so difficult to pay for. N1000 was so easy for them to give up. At the point of payment, many would think, “What the heck? Let me just give it up, after all it’s just N1,000.”

Despite the stacks packed in, if I’d priced it at N100,000 (which wouldn’t have been a bad idea), I’d have still sold, but a lot of people would have wanted to save for it and such takes time.

I wanted an instant decision by the buyers without overthinking or critically analysing it. Having seen that their resistance was lowered, it became easy to earn from them.

Thirdly, a lot of folks who never knew about me learnt about me because hundreds of folks shared the post in their Facebook communities, on their timelines, in many WhatsApp groups and via emails sent to their subscribers.

I also didn’t leave it to chance. I crafted an email a day before I was to commence the delivery and asked those who had subscribed to the offer to invite their friends for the last time to join us before midnight when the offer shut down finally.

That was a hit. As you know, when friends talk to friends about something, word-of-mouth kicks in, eliciting trust and patronage.

You see, marketing is the real deal and if you don’t understand the art and science of preeminent strategy, you’ll lose out on a lot.

These 754 souls are going to taste the Emeka Nobis brand. Evangelists will be made amongst them who will blow the trumpet farther abroad, new relationships are being formed, some are subscribing to higher offers to work with me privately, and the transformations some are already experiencing in less than 3 days is a joy to my heart.

Fourthly, all the emails collected have been saved in a folder. These individuals are warm prospects who have given me access to their privacies (emails are private chambers) to connect with them.

An ongoing relationship with these 754 people is a symbiotic process of brand recognition, brand acceptance and future rewards.

What’s more?

I did all the above without a spending dime on any type of paid ad.

When a brand strategist saw all I was doing, he invited me to his office. When we sat down, he distilled the entire strategy into a replicable process.

You know what? He told me that with the appropriate system – website, 5-minute video pitch, irresistible copy ad, automated email setup and delivery system – I could earn N50,000 per day for a month.

I screamed. Trust me, I’m already swinging into action for 2019, designing $1 offers and setting up the right system.

Here’s where it hits you.

This can be YOU. You can also earn by utilising all you know.

Yes, you can be the ONE in my shoes because I see in you a deposit of skills, resources, gifts, experiences, expertise, and knowledge.

All those can be converted into resources and utilising a system that is replicable, you can earn.

The question is : Do you know how to? 

Fret not, I’m willing to teach you the exact process I utilize to design my own digital products, how to create them, how to deliver them and how to consistently design your own simple system to earn.

Whatever area of focus you’re in, you can follow this exact process.

Whether you’re a medical doctor, a graphic designer, a rap artist, a dog trainer, an engineer, a writer or fashion designer, you can replicate the same process.

You’ve got a lot in you to just lie fallow.

I’m willing to teach the system to you if only you let me.

For all the weekends in November, I’ll be doing so in a closed WhatsApp group.

You’ll have access to me to learn and ask questions as I put you through the following.

  • Identifying your own profitable resources within you.
  • Designing simple courses others can pay a ton for.
  • Knowing 8 profitable means to growing wealth using your gifts, experiences, expertise, and knowledge.
  • Grow yourself into that powerful brand that others pay for your influence


Since April, I’d taken more than 500 people through this closed WhatsApp group where I’d been showing them the art and science of profitable thought leadership.

Trust me, I’m not going to do so for those who aren’t keen, but only those who are truly keen to do what it takes to learn.

This opportunity closes tomorrow, Friday, 9th November.

At midnight tomorrow, I shut down the opportunity in your face.

If that’s you and you’re so willing to earn, show your interest and keenness by registering here.