I had an interesting conversation with someone three days ago. After sending a message via my Facebook messenger bot, he responded that he wanted me to exclude him from the messages that I send to my list thrice a week.

Being that entry into my messenger bot is by permission, opting out of the bot would also be by him. I searched to see the possibility of removing him to no avail, so I told him to do so from his end. He’d have to opt out by himself.

When I engaged him in a conversation I wanted to know why he wanted to opt out. I wanted to know if my messages were so obnoxious, intrusive, or frequent. I wanted to know if my messages had lost the flavour that enticed him to join the list in the first place.

He said he joined the list because of a post I’d made on Facebook about meeting my wife. In that post I’d asked those who wanted to receive notifications from me to join the bot. He did. After the series, he became irked that I’d started sending messages that had nothing to do with romance. So, he wanted to opt out.

Isn’t it amazing that what people want can change from time to time? Isn’t it amazing that as we age, the desires we used to have for certain things change? For me, I used to love hanging out with the boys far into the night, but since becoming married, that desire went off the window.

The world is peopled by humans like me and you, with changing needs, wants, and desires. These people are served by enterprises set up to offer value and to profit.

Development thrives on constant disruption. Disruption and change affect all facets of human existence. In business and leadership, influence is now wielded via connection with human hearts.

To lead, share, and earn, you influence lives by connecting to their hearts in a way that makes them feel like a woman in her lover’s arms – surrendered, yielded and cared for. To do so, I advise that you do two things – help the people you serve to consistently experience epiphanies and engage intelligently with them without condescension. 

When you do so, you will find answers that will guide your paths as a leader in whatever sphere or industry you’re playing in. These answers form the data we collect. Collecting data is essential. It’s through the data we collect that let’s us know how to disrupt the patterns and serve better.

However, above all, remember the human hearts. Data is not human and has no human heart. Humans are and it’s for them that you lead.

Those two guide me. They should guide you, too.