When a poet paints a picture in his words, his depiction is so meaningful to him that he’s so engrossed in it to the extent that nothing else matters.

When a chef clinically gives details to every spice and ingredient that makes its way into his recipe, he does so that the final result is a culinary satisfaction to his soul and palates of others.

When a seamstress gives attention to every detail on the linen, there’s an underlying emotion of greatness that’s incalculable.

There’s love. There’s attention.  There’s depiction. There’s a cast of personae on the final product. That’s art.

Those activities never bore.

And so also it is with the lawyer, the engineer, the chemist, the footballer or the surgeon, who cares so much for every detail in the trade, who brings the totality of his or her being to be committed to a deeper level than others.

It will be such a remarkable feat if an organization employees artists instead of robots that are looking for just experiences that fill their resumes.