Lots of bosses will go to work today, not bearing in mind that they’ll hunt witches.

Then things go wrong, perhaps a bolt flies off the machine or the accountant adds a few more zeros unintentionally or the supplier’s mom passes away so he’s not through with the consignment.

Then they begin to hunt witches. It’s a way of rationalizing to find a hook for others to be blamed.

I’ve worked in the oil and gas space for 9 years and one thing I’ve noticed is the desire to ‘kill’ the one who committed the error first before finding a solution.

When something goes awry, the first question is usually, “Who did this?” instead of “How can we solve this problem?” It’s akin to hunting witches. These witches are humans, the colleagues or subordinates that they superintend over.

It’s a fear that needs to have a base, because rational fear does not just make sense and admitting that we are afraid at the workplace is unheard of, especially in front of a client who has put money on the table for us to perform magic.

How would you feel if you do a job and get a pat at the back from your boss?

How would it feel to do work that you push out there and humanity connects with it and your heart sings a song?

How would it feel if you were to tame your boss emotionally?

Most of all, how would you feel if you had the freedom to create what you truly love, share it with the world and live a life of fulfilment and joy?

Our bosses are sadists, many affirm. When we establish these labels, conversations become difficult. Is it that easy to separate the behaviour from the person?  Do sadists also have time to laugh and have a jolly good time?

As you start at work in that organization this year, answers to these questions can suitably position you to connect with your bosses and to work productively.

Happy New Year!

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