Heavy equipment used to pick up trees after harvesting


For everything we do, there are always shortcuts – in traffic, at the immigration office, examinations, in hotels and on banking queues inside banking halls. It’s the nagging thought to work in a company for years, earning your assigned salary versus adding a few digits to the purchase order underhandedly.

In the showcasing of our art, our contemporary world has adopted a shortcut – noise! The noise is seen in the loud lyrics of hippie music stars, the cussing and ranting on social media, and the lewd display of body parts. It’s intriguing, but nonetheless unexpected. We are formed in banality. Our bodies yearn to dance to subterranean proclivities.

The problem of true and right leadership is that folks hate being led, literally. It’s easier for males to start engaging in sex as soon as the testosterones start buzzing. It’s harder to teach them to stay off it once they have tasted the throes of passionate sex encounters.

The crafting of a narrative devoid of tempting shortcuts is a harder path; one often avoided by many who tempestuously court the limelight. That’s the path that’s valuable. That’s the path you should choose.

When we toil on this path, we gradually change culture – some cultures. Not all. Our work becomes worth sharing by souls on that same path. The beauty of it is that it serves to also redirect wandering souls hooked on retributive cultures.

The work isn’t rushed. It’s slugged out and it takes time. And when souls arrive on that path, your work is done and peace serenades you.