Creating The Right Contents That Will Form Your Book


Some weeks ago, I woke to respond to a Facebook message in my inbox.

It was an invitation to sit in a meeting with a new telecoms company to discuss how my brand and theirs could work together mutually to reach bigger goals.

As the chat went on, my mind went to the alert I’d received in my account. I’d woken to see the sum and quickly logged into my bank portal. I smiled when I saw who the person was.

I’d had a conversation with her a few days before. What was instructive about the conversation was that it was that straight-to-the-point type that swells the heart of any coach, saving me a lot of energy I usually expend when I discuss with some prospects.

When I asked her what made her approach me to have a coaching session, she told me she had visited my website and checked out the contents I’d been publishing there.

Boom! It registered. She’d seen the digital footprints I’d been leaving and establishing her trust in my competence was cemented.


I bet that you’ve heard that in our times people go to Google to check you out first before establishing a physical connection.

They want to know if you exist online. Not just that, they want to see what you’ve been doing online.

In simple terms, what they’re looking at are the things you’ve published.

Back then in Federal University of Technology, the dominant form of publishing was to print information on large formats and paste them on walls or wooden boards all around the campus. As students walked around, they’d read such information.

The world has evolved and many mediums have been created that ease publishing.


Today, we have different publishing formats and mediums – emails, audios, videos, infographics, and livestreams.

Publishing content is one great way to become noticed, get visible, grow your reach, and connect with the hearts of people to whom you can be a blessing and build wealth.

And publishing the ones that get you noticed is key. Here’s an example.


You may be asking what content is.

Content is raw information that has been packaged in a strategic way to convey a message – philosophy, ideology, strategy, art, process, or system.

When done in a savvy manner, it can inspire new ways of thinking, stimulate change and trigger action-oriented results.

However, from the foregoing, do you just go ahead to create content anyhow?


So, it boils down to clarifying your path by asking the two questions – who do you serve and how do you serve them?

That’s why it’s critical to define your brand statement because it helps you define what your core message would be and that helps in guiding the kind of content to create.

That clarity helps you to laser-focus on the persona, know the kind of diction (pros and amateurs understand different languages) and the tone (informal or formal) to express yourself.

Note that in the business of building your enterprise based on your gifting, expertise, experience, and knowledge, you’re dealing with human beings – who have feelings, who are emotional, who are subdued by fears, who live with biases, problems, objections and doubts.

So in creating content, your predominant objective should be to inspire, entertain, and to educate/enlighten.

Before setting out to create any kind of content, you MUST answer a question : How will this help my audience?

That’s very paramount. Ignore it to your peril.

What will creating content do for you?

By creating the right kind of content, you position yourself as an authority, impose expertise, elicit trust, engender reciprocity and raise your likeability.

We create content for emails, social media, scripts, political speeches, reports.

While my intention will be to help you create hypnotic elements that elicit emotional connections, canonise you as an ideological god and engenders influence and patronage, my focus this month will be on helping you to write your first book.


You see, in 2011 I wrote my first book. It wasn’t much of a success financially. I didn’t know jack about marketing and sales. I was hung on just writing the book and having people moan over seeing my face on the cover of a book.

But over the years I grew and learnt. I realised I had to be businesslike with the art of writing and publishing. I realised that there were books that get you know and those that get you paid.

I decided to focus first on the books that get me known as a fulcrum to shoot into hearts and entrench the fingers of trust that became anchors for wealth when I released paid books.

As at now I have 4 books that I give away and they act as my products that get me known. I’ve also published 7 paid books since then and that strategy has worked wonders, earning me N2m in less than 6 months in 2017 from just 2 of them.

The starting point to publishing your books is by creating content that serve your audience. It’s strategic. 

Begin that today!