As a thought leader and business man, how you start your morning and end your day practically determines how the day pans out. When you start your morning on a great footing, it fills you with so much positive vibe to create and be alive. How you end your day determines if you’re going to sleep soundly and look forward to the next day with anticipation and excitement.

In Port Harcourt where I live, it’s so common to see folks listening to stations like Nigeria Info or Radio Biafra in the morning. Most of the callers are so venomous, venting their spleen on issues bothering the nation.

Now, I’m an advocate of freedom and I don’t whip folks to loose such freedom, but I consider the psychological damage this could be doing to someone’s mental health when it becomes a daily routine. Unknown to the listener, such words stick on the psyche and colour the spectrum of one’s perceptions, invariably reflecting on attitudinal disposition to things during the day.

Sometimes I’m tempted to ask colleagues who arrive at work with irritable countenance what radio station they listened to on their way to work.
As for me, I decided to create my own radio station by listening to podcasts of remarkable individuals who are a blessing to me. Podcasts are selective and so I create a playlist of podcasts that are worth my attention. In the kind of riotous atmosphere that is characteristic of urban cities, isn’t it great to choose to listen to stuff that cast the possibility mentality in steel, infuse healthy doses of inspiration, and serenades the soul with peace? I think it is a better option.

Most podcasts are found on iTunes. Since majority of Nigerians don’t use Apple products – iPads and Macs – I found Stitcher, as recommended by a photographer friend of mine, Maximus Christopher , owner of Phaneross Photography. Stitcher works well on Android devices, the ones that majority of Nigerians use.

The beauty of Stitcher is that, even though the podcasts can be listened to while you are connected online, you can select the “Listen To Later” option. It downloads the episode to your app and you can listen to it offline at your convenience.

Right now I have 2 categories – business and writing. The two categories are populated by the podcasts of 16 amazing individuals that I listen to. They have been influential in the way I think, write, create, train and coach folks. Do you want to know who they are? I will share on Monday.
Now, go find Stitcher or any other app and start creating your own radio stations.

Will you?